Conservation Rooflights

The Right Choice For Listed Or Traditional Properties

Conservation rooflights are the perfect answer to achieving more light in a traditional building. Such builds are often dark with limited windows. Changing this and extending the original building poses a range of challenges. Conservation rooflights are also a potential answer to creating light and space within a listed building. Such windows are also helpful when building within a conservation area where you need to keep your overall building within a particular style or in keeping with the local environment. While a flat roof skylight gives you the same access to light and ventilation, there are several reasons why it might not be as appropriate in these situations.

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Choosing Between A Conservation Skylight And A Flat Roof Skylight

In a modern building in a built-up area, custom flat roof skylights are the ideal answer to creating more light and ventilation. Such roof lights open a host of possibilities and enable you to create new living areas, improve those you have, and add light to a room such as bathrooms without compromising on privacy. However, flat roof windows are not always suitable for more traditional buildings, particularly those that are listed or are in conservation areas. In each of these instances, there are stricter planning laws that govern what can be done to an existing house and on the type and style of new buildings. One of the problems with flat roof windows is that they are designed for flat roofs, rather than more traditional sloped or pitched roofs. Another issue is that they are often raised above the roof and therefore are very obvious, creating new features that would not be present on a traditional or listed building. Conservation rooflights are one way to overcome these issues. Such custom roof lights are designed for pitched roofs and are also designed to lay flat against the existing roof. This means that they do not change the visual impact of the building or its style and elegance. Given these benefits, the windows can be fitted to existing roofs or added to extensions without changing the character of the property. However, regardless of whether you are renovating, extending, or building a new property, such changes should be cleared with the local planning authority and any other relevant parties first.

Understanding Different Roof Light Sizes And Their Considerations

When planning your roof window installation in a conservation area or on a listed building, you will have more considerations then you would on any other building. While you may be granted permission for such windows, you may have stipulations that you need to follow. These may relate to the positioning of the windows, the number of windows, their design, and to roof light sizes. For example, if your sloped roof is highly visible, then you may only be able to have smaller roof windows, or you may be limited to having them on the less visible side of the roof. The size of the windows you have may also be restricted by the construction of the roof and the positioning of the rooms within the home. These are greater considerations if you are working with a listed building where you are limited in the number and type of changes you can make. Here you may find it more practical to go with a greater number of smaller roof lights or custom size roof light windows that fit the spaces you have while remaining unobtrusive. If you are building an extension or designing a new building, then there may be fewer constraints on the sizes of the windows you can add, at least in terms of the structural integrity of the building. If you are adding a single-storey extension to the rear of the property, where it is much less visible, then there is a greater chance that you can have larger roof windows if that is the direction that you wanted to go.

Other Considerations When It Comes To Flat Roof Glass Panels

Of course, some of the considerations you face will be the same as they would for any roof window installation. Firstly, you need to ensure that the roof where the conservation rooflights are going to be installed is in good condition. You will also need to check that having windows installed in the roof will not weaken it or any of its associated structures. It is helpful to get the opinion of a trusted building or roofing company before finalising your window choices. While window companies are experts in the design and creation of pitched and flat roof glass panels, a builder can ensure that the installation goes smoothly, safely, and is in keeping with any necessary regulations. Privacy is another consideration when adding roof windows to a property. If there is the potential for the window to be overlooked do you want to consider a different position? Or would opting for privacy glass be the better option? When it comes to rooms like bathrooms, privacy glass is likely to be the better option, regardless of whether the roof window can be seen into. This gives you, your family, and any guest that little extra peace of mind. Considerations include whether you are going to go for triple or double-glazing on your windows and whether you want to opt for self-cleaning windows. While these may be more expensive options, they tend to save money and time in the longer term. Working with a professional and experienced company like Toughened Glass Systems can ensure you make the right decisions that meet your every need.

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Find Custom Built Conservation Rooflights At Toughened Glass Systems

There are many benefits to owning a listed building or living in a conservation area. However, these benefits come with additional responsibilities, rules, and regulations. However, you need not be restricted in the amount of natural light you let into your home when you opt for conservation rooflights from Toughened Glass Systems.

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