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Fixed Flat Roof Windows And The Benefits Of Natural Light In The Workplace

Fixed flat roof windows, if they can be installed in the roof of your office or factory, they really can improve productivity in the workplace, according to a range of scientific research studies. You may wonder why employees always fight over the window seats. That’s because they instinctively know it improves their health and well-being, as well as their creativity and ability to take on board new information! But what are the reasons behind this and the statistics to back it up? And why are fixed roof lights better than traditional windows?

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Taking the latter point first, it’s estimated that fixed roof windows skylights admit up to three times more natural light than windows positioned in the wall of a building. More of the workers inside are likely to benefit from a greater exposure to natural sunlight too if window openings are positioned overhead. This fact is important because sunlight helps your skin produce vitamin D, which in turn promotes strong and healthy bones and prevent diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Moreover, sunshine is thought to help guard against weight gain and depression. Flat roof skylight which offer greater access to natural light can help improve sleep patterns and create a more positive, stress-free atmosphere too.

Recent studies have additionally shown that access to good daylight sources in workplaces resulted in increased productivity of between 3% and 40%; while creativity in staff exposed to sunlight and nature generally increased by 15%. Amounts of sick leave also significantly reduced among workers with good access to daylight.

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