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Fixed Rooflights And How They Can Help You Save On Your Energy Bills

Fixed rooflights are a versatile addition to any room in which they can be installed for a number of reasons. For instance, they can add much needed light to a space which is otherwise tight and unable to accommodate a decent-sized, traditional window. This might be the case, for example, in a bathroom extension where wall space is required for fixtures such as shower cubicles, baths, basins and WCs. Fixed roof lights come in a wide variety of shapes and styles and are, more often than not, tailored to the unique space they are to illuminate. They can also help save you money over the longer term.

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But how do fixed roof lights UK wide help homeowners to reduce their energy bills? Well first, there are the benefits of introducing natural light into a room instead of being completely reliant on electric lighting. It’s estimated that a roof light allows up to three times more light into a room than a window in the wall. Moreover, because they are installed in panels on the roof, more glazing can be incorporated than if wall space were taken up, thereby maximising the amount of light that can flood in. Reducing the need for artificial lighting therefore reduces your energy bills proportionately.

This has the positive side benefit of cutting the amount of CO2 emissions your home produces, making your home and lifestyle more environmentally friendly. Next, a fixed glass rooflight also allows more heat into the room from the sun’s rays. This solar heat means you need less central heating or other form of heating in the space in question. The effects of this can be magnified if you talk to your supplier about installing flat roof skylight or rooflights with double or triple glazing. That way, you continue to benefit from the light from the windows but without having to worry about the heat generated leaking out.

This is measured by the U-value calculation, which tells you the rate of heat loss of a window. Ask an experienced and specialist supplier of fixed flat glass rooflights, such as the team at Toughened Glass Systems, and we can advise on the best rooflights to help save you money while flooding your home with natural light. Why not call us on 020 3633 3224 with any queries? You can also email us at [email protected] or use the online contact form on our website for a prompt reply.

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