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Flat Roof Lights

Flat Roof Lights Versus Regular Windows: Which Is Best?

Flat roof lights can be a great way to add extra light to the top level of a building or property that isn’t getting much sunlight. However, windows can have the same affect while providing light on other levels of the building as well. This leads people to consider the effectiveness of having flat roof skylight over windows.

In reality, there are a number of situations where either, or both, could be beneficial. In this article, we cover the major differences between the two and highlight the situations where they could be beneficial to a building.

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Flat Roof Skylights Or Windows: The Differences

There’s a perception that flat or fixed roof lights can be ‘luxury’ items compared to windows. After all, we are so used to windows being a feature of every property and there is a sense of commonality and familiarity with them; whereas rooflights flat roof fixtures are less common. But this is a bit of a misconception as there are certain areas of a property that are unable to trap enough natural light using standard windows. A skylight is of course, very similar to a window; think of it as a window for the roof. Like windows, skylights can come in many different shapes, sizes and styles.

Past this, however, there are less similarities. As skylights trap more sunlight, they require more protection from the elements than regular windows. This can lead to the glass being more tinted and certain coatings needing to be applied. Not only that, but skylights also need to be more dense than regular windows as roofs run the continual risk of having things fall on them. This can lead to skylights being reinforced, including the use of triple glazing.

Lastly, whilst nearly all windows feature some sort of opening mechanism, flat roof rooflights can be built to be opened or to remain closed permanently. If ventilation is an issue in your building or property, skylights can be installed to open and close at particular times. It’s also possible to have skylights installed that feature self-cleaning glass. This can be particularly helpful if the roof is difficult to access. Lastly, skylights can also be built to be walked on or as part of pedestrian paths; skylights can offer much, more than standard vertical windows.

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The Big Benefits Of Having Glass Rooflights For Flat Roofs

With a growing appreciation for glass rooflights for flat roofs, it’s no surprise that the possibility of installing skylights is always on the discussion table when it comes to architectural design of new builds. There may even be situations where regular windows are just not suitable. For example, if a commercial building is in a built-up cityscape, where it is surrounded by taller buildings, or buildings are very close together. Either of these situations means that access to sunlight may be limited from standard vertical windows. Flat roof lights can be installed to increase light in stairways and lobbies. Rooms that are in the centre of a building, but have a ceiling that is connected to the roof can also be ideal candidates for installation of skylights.

Where flat roofs are growing in popularity, particularly in city settings, and contemporary materials are being used in construction, skylights are also becoming popular. There has also been a well-researched link created between skylights and energy conservation. Where well-built, and well-installed skylights are used they can reduce energy losses compared to traditional windows. If you are considering skylights, it’s important to find a good rooflights for flat roofs UK based company to cover both the build and installation processes. If poor quality glass is installed, or the installation is performed wrongly, the energy conservation benefits can be negated, not to mention your new skylights could be a risk to the wellbeing of anyone passing underneath them. A company like Toughened Glass Systems, provides guaranteed top quality glass and professional installation.

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Toughened Glass Systems Is The Flat Roof Lights Specialist

When it comes to having quality flat roof lights installed, you should definitely get in touch with Toughened Glass Systems. Our expertise is in crafting terrific quality flat roof skylights and other tough, durable and reliable glass products. Our skylights let in at least twice as much light as regular vertical windows and we are happy to develop custom creations to suit design themes or to cater to particular roofs and situations. If you want to get a quote, fill in our enquiry form on site, email us at [email protected] or give us a call on 020 3633 3224.