Flat Roof Skylight

Flat Roof Skylight: All You Need To Know

Flat roof skylight options are becoming more and more popular with architects, designers and people who own and live in a variety of buildings and are seeking more light for their properties. This is because flat roof lights can offer several clear benefits such as reducing mould or mildew that builds up. They are also linked with reducing energy bills and energy consumption, increasing the appeal and environment of interior settings, and even increasing vitamin D levels. In this article, we cover all the things you need to know about flat skylights and why you should have one installed in your residential or commercial property.

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What Are Rooflights For Flat Roofs?

But before we discuss the benefits, it’s good to define the nature and features of rooflights for flat roofs. What exactly are they? A flat roof skylight is a structure acting as (or covering) an opening in a roof or ceiling that can provide sunlight, and potentially extra ventilation, to a single room in a property. Depending on placement, they can also provide natural light to larger areas of a property. Today’s flat roof lights UK wide can even be traced back to the Roman Empire. The Pantheon in Rome, Italy, features one of the earliest examples of an un-glazed skylight.

However, advances brought by the Industrial Revolution changed the way in which skylights were made and were subsequently featured in architecture. This was thanks to the changes in glass production that allowed glass to be mass produced for the very first time. Today, modern day skylights are glazed with either glass or polycarbonates and can have a number of different tints included in the glazing and coatings to reduce the impact of UV rays within interiors. So what is the primary purpose of today’s modern skylight?

Well, many people opt for a flat glass rooflight because additional windows or doors are not effective or practical options in a situation where more natural light is required in a room. This is particularly pertinent in new extensions added onto existing properties. The point of the extension is often to add living space, and siting a window in the roof, rather than on the wall, frees up far more space than the alternative.

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What Choices Do You Have When Selecting A Roof Skylight For Your Property?

Next, we’ll summarise just a few of the options available in a roof skylight for your home or business. These specialist types of roof window can be fixed; in other words not openable, although in many cases, these can be fitted with ridge vents to allow air to enter and circulate throughout the room. They can also be retractable; that is, opened by motor for ventilation purposes. They can even be specially constructed to be walked upon, handling every-day or occasional foot traffic, for maintenance purposes or where the roof space is used for leisure or business purposes. While skylights with glass are the more popular and common option, some customers opt for polycarbonate. If you do want glass, then there’s a huge array of options. These might include single, double, triple or even quadruple glazed units;

the installation of low emissivity glass, self-cleaning glass, or glass that’s specially treated to protect the building occupants from harmful UV rays. The type of skylight you choose will depend on a number of factors, including the type of building, the purpose of the skylight and the main benefits you want to achieve from installing it. Budget is also an important consideration. In broad terms, the more complex your order and the more features you want it to have, the more expensive your purchase will be. Opening skylights for flat roofs, for example, will tend to cost more than fixed versions of the same window. But it’s well worth budgeting for the best window you can afford at the time, because it will only prove an additional expense if you wish to upgrade in future.

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The Benefits Of Fixed Roof Lights And Skylights Generally

There are several clear benefits that can come from having a flat roof skylight installed either in a residential or commercial property. The most obvious of these relate to lighting and heating. A skylight can dramatically transform the interior of a property by providing ‘free’ lighting thanks to the sun’s UV rays. This can also have the benefit of reducing heating costs thanks to the ‘free’ heat provided by these rays through a skylight window.

For those looking to sell their property, it’s also important to note that opening or fixed roof lights can add value to a property. They are seen positively by prospective buyers due to their association with the green movement. Skylights are also great space savers when compared to vertical windows. Studies have shown that flat skylights for flat roofs can reduce space used versus windows by 25%. Skylights can also create the illusion of rooms or properties appearing larger than they are from the inside. This is due to the fact that they can provide approximately 30% more light than regular windows, and sunlight is known to be associated with making rooms appear more spacious.

These are just a few of the benefits that can be provided by skylights. Lastly, there are clear health benefits. The increased natural sunlight brought about by fixed flat rooflights can act as a terrific mood enhancer for any occupants in a room. They also produced vitamin D which can protect us from any mood changes such as seasonal affective disorder. However, a lot of these benefits are dependent on buying well-built, well-installed skylights – such as those available from Toughened Glass Systems.

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