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Necessary Maintenance Issues

Flat roof skylights UK wide are becoming more popular as designers and architects increasingly opt for flat roofed buildings when planning new-builds and extensions. This trend is happening because technological advances have addressed many of the problems that flat roofs have typically suffered from in the past, improving their performance and their longevity. But if you do decide to opt for a flat roof skylight on your roof, what maintenance will you need to carry out on it and how often? Here, we take a quick look at what needs to be done to keep your skylights performing in peak condition.

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Routine Checking and Cleaning of Roof Lights

It’s important to keep the glass in your roof lights in good condition if you want to benefit from the high levels of natural light they can admit to the property. Every six months or so, therefore, flat roof skylights UK wide should be cleaned manually with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Alternatively, use a specialist glass cleaning product as recommended by your installer or supplier. This prevents build-up of unsightly debris and grime. If your skylight is in a high moisture environment such as a kitchen or a bathroom, and you find you’re having ongoing condensation problems, these can be addressed by ensuring an extractor fan is fitted.

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Expert Flat Roof Skylight Supply And Fitting From Toughened Glass Systems

Finally, check the structure of the roof light for any gaps or leaks, which can be caused by damaged window sills, flashing coming away, or poor installation in the first place. To help avoid structural issues, make sure you purchase your skylight from a specialist. Toughened Glass Systems supplies bespoke flat roof skylights UK wide and our reputation for quality speaks for itself.

Toughened Glass Systems supplies bespoke flat roof skylights UK wide and our reputation for quality speaks for itself. For more details, contact us today by phone on 020 3633 3224 or via the contact form. We’re always delighted to discuss and advise on any skylight project you might have in mind.

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