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Flat Skylight

Flat Skylight For Roofs: Are They Energy Efficient?

Flat skylight fixtures are used commonly as a way of trying to achieve ‘daylighting’. The term daylighting refers to the way in which glazed fixtures (such as skylights) bring natural sunlight into a property. In the past, windows were not very efficient at both trapping heat and allowing light in. But modern technology has made windows far more energy efficient which, in turn, can lessen any reliance on artificial lights during the day. But can the same be said about flat roof skylight that connect the ceiling and roof? Read on to find out.

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Flat Roof Skylights Are Energy Efficient

There are a number of reasons behind why individuals or businesses want to reduce the amount of artificial lights within a residential property or business premises. However, the primary reason relates to saving on energy bills. While light bulb technology has dramatically improved through the years, with many bulbs now replaced with smaller, energy efficient fluorescent lamps, artificial lighting is still responsible for a sizeable chunk of the energy bills of any property. The solution? Reduce your usage of, and reliance on artificial lighting. But how can you do that when such lighting is essential?

There’s no doubting that you can’t completely remove the need for artificial lighting, but you can reduce your dependence on it by making use of natural lighting via skylights. Whilst windows support this, they can only do so much, partly because you can only have so many windows (mainly for the sake of privacy). Flat roof skylights however, don’t have such privacy issues. Glass flat roof skylights can offer a vast, open source of daylight. This also has the benefit of allowing light to reach darker corners of a property that are further away from windows. This

Glass flat roof skylights can offer a vast, open source of daylight. This also has the benefit of allowing light to reach darker corners of a property that are further away from windows. This can not only save you money on electricity bills, but skylights can also help heat a property during the day – negating the need for heating during particularly cold months. If roof skylights for homes and commercial properties are installed with vents, then they can also be effective in providing ventilation for particular rooms where there is a lot of hot air or steam – such as bathrooms and kitchens.

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Things To Know About Fixed Glass Skylight Fixtures

As can be seen, there are many great benefits when it comes to getting flat skylights installed on your property or premises. So, fixed glass skylight fixtures can save you money on both heating and powering a property. But, this only remains true when quality is present in both the materials and the installation. Not all flat skylights are built the same, and not all flat skylights are installed with the same level of precision and attention to detail. When it comes to a flat skylight being put in place, quality really matters. Flat skylights that are poorly constructed and made from low grade materials (such as plastic glazing) can end up increasing heating consumption up to 40% rather than reducing your bills. The same is also true of windows, but the effect can be more pronounced with skylights because of their scale.

This inefficiency can be caused due to the quality of fixed flat roof skylight itself, but it can also be brought about by poor installation of a perfectly good flat glass skylight. If a good quality skylight is installed correctly, heating consumption can also be dramatically reduced. So, it’s important to find the right manufacturer of flat skylights and the right skylight installer. Thankfully, the UK is home to several great skylight manufacturers who care very much about the quality of their skylight builds. One such company that also provide excellent customer series is Toughened Glass Systems, who are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality skylights for flat roof residential and commercial properties.

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Toughened Glass Systems Is Home To The Flat Skylight Experts

So why choose the flat skylights from Toughened Glass Systems? Our business is completely client-orientated. We start by understanding the skylight needs of our customers and can manufacture completely customised flat skylight fixtures. We work with people in a range of specialities, from architects designing new build properties, to building owners looking for flat roof skylights. As our name suggests, our glazing is toughened to ensure the highest quality of skylight build. Our client-orientated approach means we provide a terrific customer service experience, including price matching the quotes of any competitors. To receive a quote from our team, just contact us via our site form, by calling 020 3633 3224 or by emailing us via [email protected].