Flat Glass Skylight

Flat Glass Skylight – An Essential Addition To Any Home Extension

Flat glass skylight options are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners these days, but why? Simply put, they help to open up your house, letting new sources of natural light flood into previously dark spaces. With the after-effects of 2008’s recession still being felt across the country; many people are reluctant or unable to move to a new house. Extending an existing property upwards and outwards is often an ideal way of giving a growing family more space while improving the value of the home for any future sale. Whether building an extension or opening a loft space, flat roof skylight are essential to turning an uninhabitable space into a pleasant, habitable one.

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If you have already spent a significant amount on extending your home, you will want the most affordable option in terms of glazing. For a flat roofed extension, this often translates into having a fixed glass skylight installed. This has all the benefits of opening the extension to natural daylight at a relatively affordable price. Additionally, the unit can be fitted with double, triple or quadruple glazing, which help maximise thermal efficiency. In other words, heat is captured from the sun and transmitted into the room below, but the flat skylight glazing prevents the heat emitted by your heating system from escaping outwards.

Glass flat roof skylights can also come with a range of other features to make your new extension both more energy efficient and welcoming. Self-cleaning glass can be installed, which ensures all the available sunlight enters the room; but special specification glass filters out the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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