Non Opening Roof Lights

Non Opening Roof Lights – What Are The Benefits?

Non opening roof lights may seem, at first glance, to be just the cheaper option and to have no more advantage to them than that. After all, if you had a little more money to spend, wouldn’t you automatically opt for a window you can open, albeit that it’s a window sited your roof? While clearly, there are cost advantages depending on the specification you choose, there are a certain number of other benefits associated with non-opening flat roof skylight too. The first centres on the essential purpose of a roof light or skylight, and that’s to illuminate a previously dark space.

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If you opt for non opening skylights, you actually get more natural daylight for your money – and a better view of the night sky too! That’s because the construction of non-openers offers more glass than those that do open. Panes of glass can also be larger. This is simply because there is no need for extra metalwork to support the casement – in other words, the hinge mechanism and other associated framework. Additionally, the installation of non-opening windows generally causes less disruption and mess (as well as expense) because the unit or units can be sized to the overall dimensions of the rafters.

This is as opposed to an opening flat skylight, which usually require additional rafters installed either side to support the necessary metalwork. At Toughened Glass Systems, we have the manufacturing technology, expertise and experience to provide you with the best non opening roof windows UK wide.

This is because each and every one of our skylights is custom built to order to the customer’s requirements. Call us on 02036 333 224 if you have queries. Alternatively, email us at [email protected] or request your free quote online today.

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