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Kitchen Splashbacks

Protecting Your Kitchen Walls

Kitchen splashbacks are a simple, effective and elegant way to protect your kitchen walls. Splashbacks can be placed anywhere on a flat surface to protect from water, fats and other splashes that occur during the day to day use of a kitchen. As well as offering protection, a kitchen splashback is much easier to clean than most typical wall coverings. This means it saves you time and effort, as well as saving money in the longer term. However, if you are considering a splashback, it is important to get your measurements right. Not doing so could result in a redistribution of mess rather than its elimination.

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Choosing The Right Glass Design For Your Kitchen

As well as carefully measuring the area that you want the kitchen splashback to cover, you need to consider its colour and design. When you work with a dedicated glass processing and supply company, you will be faced with a wide range of splashback options. The best companies make kitchen splashbacks to order meaning that the colour and finish can be chosen to blend with your existing kitchen or with any new design that you are considering. It is important to consider the longevity of the splashback. If you like to change your décor regularly, do you want to change your splashback each time? This could get very expensive. An alternative is to choose a more neutral splashback that blends in with a range of colour palettes and kitchen designs.

Source A Custom Made Glass Splashback From Toughened Glass Systems

Your choice of company is just as important as your choice of splashback, and it is always preferable to use a company that focuses solely on processing and supplying glass. If you choose the team at Toughened Glass Systems, you get this and much more. We and our carefully chosen installation contractors will work closely with you to ensure you get the right splashback for your needs.

To see previous kitchen splashbacks that we have worked on, visit the gallery on our website. To discuss your specific needs, give the team a call on 020 3633 3224.

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