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 How Much Does an Orangery Cost?


An orangery is a stunning addition to any home that can add a great deal of value to the price. If you’re considering adding an orangery but are unsure about the costs associated with building and designing it, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled an overview of all the associated costs, as well as breaking down the different factors that can influence the final price. Keep reading to make an informed decision about whether an orangery is right for you.

Cost of an orangery

On average, an orangery costs around £32,500 in total in the UK, for a 4mx4m (16m2) structure, with an average cost of £2,250 per m2. This cost reflects a complete project, including the associated labour costs, lighting, plastering, internal electrics and supply of the orangery structure.

However, this does vary depending on the size you’re looking to build, and other factors such as the area that you live in.

What factors can influence the cost of an orangery?

So you’ve come to the decision that an orangery is right for you – now it’s time to take a look at where the different project costs come from. The cost of an orangery can be influenced by a number of factors, from the scope and size of the project, to the materials used. We’ve broken this down into the different categories to help you get a better idea of how much your new project will cost:

Shape & size

The size of your orangery is a large factor in the cost of the final product. We’ve included the lower and higher ends of the scale per m2 to help you make an informed decision:

  • Average orangery cost per m2 (build and supply costs): Between £2-2.5k, costing £2,250 on average 
  • Average total cost of a 16m2 orangery (build and supply costs): Between £30-35k, costing £32,500 on average

Exterior design

When it comes to designs, there are many different bespoke directions you can go in; your choice can affect the cost and subsequent property value after construction. More intricate and complex designs, or bespoke shapes, will not only incur a further cost, but also increase the amount of time the build takes. Also, if you are having an orangery professionally designed by an architect, you will need to factor in design fees to accommodate this. 

The type of walls used will also impact the cost of the project, from fully-glazed walls to dwarf walls, or full-height brick walls. The more glazing used, the lower the cost is likely to be. This is also true of the roof styles, as well as the addition of roof vents. Roof vents are important for ventilating your space on warmer days. 

Structure & materials

Alongside the size, the materials used can have a large impact on the cost of your orangery, such as roofs, walls, fixtures and fittings. The most popular materials are uPVC, aluminium and timber, with timber being the most costly due to its durability.

We’ve included a rough guide into the cost of the supply materials for the hardwood structure alone (excluding fittings, design, labour, features and fittings, doors, windows etc). This will give you an idea of how this element affects the cost:

  • Small orangery supply cost (4mx4m): £5-18k 
  • Medium orangery supply cost (6mx6m): £12-30k
  • Large orangery supply cost (7mx7m): £18-100k 

Windows & glazing

Aside from the number and size of windows you choose, the window types and glazing (such as triple vs double-glazing) will have a large impact on costs. It’s worth considering that it will also impact the energy efficiency and insulation of your build. Whilst higher quality glazing comes with a higher cost, it’s key to ensuring that your orangery keeps in the heat all year round. 

Whether you want a rooflight or lantern for your orangery, shop a range of styles to suit your vision and budget. Whatever style you go for, from chic framed flat skylights to electric and manual opening rooflights, to the more elegant and classic roof lantern styles like the Wendland ones, we have a range of styles to achieve your dream build.

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Interior design

A secure exterior that’s protected from the elements is one of the most important parts of the orangery. However, you shouldn’t forget the added cost that comes with those finishing touches in the interior. You’ll need to consider the type of flooring, furniture and lighting you want and factor those into the final cost.

Excavation or Prep Work Before Building

The cost of your project can also be impacted by geographical location, as well as the type and condition of the ground you’re looking to build on. Digging down to prepare for the foundation takes time and effort as it is; in the event that foundation preparation or extensive groundwork is needed, this can make the project more expensive overall. Examples include poor soil conditions, or uneven terrain. 

What else is included in the total cost?

Let’s look at other factors that contribute to the overall cost:

Heating, plumbing, lighting & electrics

Aside from the structure itself, you will need to factor additional features into your planning to make sure you stay on budget. These include any plumbing, lighting, heating or ventilation you may want to add. You should also include the fitting of electricity and electrical sockets in the projected cost of the project.

For example, while the masonry elements in the design makes orangeries thermally-efficient, you can also add a heating solution for extra warmth in the winter. This will add varying additional costs onto your build, depending on the type of heating you choose, such as underfloor heating or an electric heater. 

Regulations & permits

In terms of planning permission, an orangery is normally classed as a permitted development, so you shouldn’t need it. However, this can be affected by a number of factors, which we cover in more detail in our orangery vs conservatory blog. Ultimately, you should always check local building regulations before starting the project to factor in any required permits into the timescales and budget.

Additional design features

Aside from any light fittings or plumbing, you may want to add additional embellishments or design features to streamline the aesthetic of your extension. This includes decorative columns inside the structure, or external cornices to hide the guttering and neaten up the final product. You may even want to add an internal pelmet (a perimeter ceiling that protrudes slightly so you can add lighting or speakers) or another form of ceiling decoration.

Guarantees & warranties

When embarking on a project as costly and time-intensive as this, it’s vital to factor in warranties and guarantees when you’re budgeting. This will make sure you’re covered in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Types of orangery

There are a number of different contemporary and traditional orangeries you can choose from; you can customise different elements of the design to really make it your own. There are three types of orangery that are most commonly chosen across the UK, which are:


This is one of the more common choices of design amongst UK homeowners. You can get full aluminium structures or composite framing (wood and aluminium), which is more popular. This can last for up to 85 years, as the aluminium protects the exterior from the elements, whilst the inner wooden layer provides effective insulation for the interior.

Timber framed

Wood frames are one of the best choices of insulation materials when it comes to windows, which is why they’re one of the more common options. These are often made of either hardwood or softwood. Hardwood is the more expensive choice, but it’s longer lasting. Also, in terms of finishes, hardwood tends to be varnished and softwood tends to be painted. 


This design type is one of the most popular options, due to its resistance to UV light and easy maintenance. This type of orangery ordinarily comes with a 10-year guarantee, and is considered to be less expensive than hardwood ones, for example. 

Will an orangery add value to my home?

Yes, an orangery will add value to your home, and it can actually add as much value as an extension.

However, the value it adds will depend upon the finish used and how well the design matches the feel and style of your property. 

Additionally, it’s worth factoring in your current garden space, and how much the new structure would take from it. This is because retaining garden space may actually be beneficial to your property value. A local estate agent can help you decide the best course of action to help you get the most value out of your home.

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How to make your orangery more affordable

Whilst orangeries are a more expensive home extension option, you can save money by getting quotes from different companies for the structure supply and labour costs. This will allow you to determine the best possible price to suit your budget. Other areas where you can cut costs include:

  • Opting for a design with lower quality glazing
  • Opting for a smaller size (m2) 
  • Choosing a less complex exterior design or shape 
  • Building the orangery out of a more affordable material, such as uPVC
  • Consider going for more glass than masonry/ timber, as this will reduce the costs but make the property less thermally efficient 
  • Limit the use of additional design features, such as decorative columns 

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Is an orangery cheaper than an extension?

Generally, the answer is yes, due to the higher ratio of glass generally used in the design of an orangery. However, whether it’s cheaper than an extension depends on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the design and the size of your project and the amount of glass used, as well as additional design elements. Also, an extension is more likely to require planning permission, as it’s not classed as a permitted development.

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