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Dome Rooflight Polycarbonate – Mardome Trade



Please Ensure Sizes Ordered Are Correct – Sizes Cannot be Changed Once The Order Is Processed.

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UK mainland delivery
Fast delivery
Great U values
Sleek, contemporary inside and out
Available in Single Double, Triple Skins and Quad skins
Many sizes available from 600x750mm up to 1800x2400mm
Various dome finishes available
Option to purchase Multiwall PVC kerb

Buy cheap polycarbonate roof domes

Our cheap Mardome Trade Dome Polycarbonate Rooflight will make a fantastic addition to any roof. Multifunctional and versatile, the low-rise polycarbonate dome is built to be aerodynamic. This product has an extensive collection of sizes and options to meet any demand, with a selection of finishes and glazing variations. Choose between a dome or pyramid shape to suit your preference.

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What is a polycarbonate roof dome?

Polycarbonate roof domes are rooflights that feature a quality polycarbonate dome cover. They look great on a flat roof, and are a great way to increase natural light into a room.

Where can you use this polycarbonate roof dome?

Our Mardome Trade dome rooflights are popular on a range of buildings, from offices, and commercial buildings to personal properties. Including one on your home or extension will make a great centrepiece to the room, while putting one on your office building will brighten up your professional space. Learn more about the benefits of natural light in the workplace.

What are the benefits of this roof dome?

  • It’s energy efficient – read more about energy efficient rooflights
  • More natural light means you can save money on lighting bills
  • It’s visually stunning
  • It’s robust and long-lasting

Polycarbonate dome rooflight features:

  • Several glazing options, from single to quadruple
  • Choose between clear, opal or flattened finishes
  • Ventilation options
  • Choose from a range of upstands
  • Fantastic U values

Why choose Toughened Glass Systems for a Mardome Trade Polycarbonate Dome Rooflight?

We are a trusted name with years of experience in the industry. We offer fast delivery and best-price guarantees, and all of our products are made to an incredibly high standard. We pride ourselves on quality customer service, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – a member of our team will be happy to help. You can also view our reviews to see what clients have to say about us.

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Measuring & Installation Guide

Size Range

Available in standard sizes from 450x450mm up to 2400x1800mm in 150mm increments. If your size is not listed then please contact us to discuss your options.

Measuring Guide for fitting to builders upstand

Measure external builders upstand Acceptable tolerance:

• Fixed / unvented domes = dome size +20/-20mm                           •

  • Opening / vented domes = dome size +40/-20mm

As an example, if fitting on a builder’s upstand, the width should be 75mm and height of the upstand should be 150mm high. If you purchase a 900mm by 900mm from the drop down menu on our website your external timber size as shown in red above (Measure here) should be 900mm by 900mm. To use an example, if attaching on a builder’s upstand, the width should be 75mm and height of the upstand should be 150mm high. If you purchase a 900mm by 900mm then the external timber size as shown in red above should be 900mm by 900mm. There is a drop-down feature on our website to aid your selection of these. In this example your external timber size as shown in red above (Measure here) should be 900mm by 900mm.

Measuring Guide for domes with PVC kerb

Measure internal roof opening Acceptable tolerance = dome size +20/-30mm

To use an example, if buying with a 150mm or 300mm high upstand and you purchase a 900mm by 900mm then your structural opening size as shown in red above should be 900mm by 900mm. There is a drop-down feature on our website to aid your selection of these. In this example your structural opening size as shown in red above (Measure here) should be 900mm by 900mm.

TB186 Installation Mardome Trade Sloping and Direct Fix(Click here to view PDF)

Technical Information

 Glazing details:

*Centre pane U-value is a measure of the thermal efficiency of the glazing type. #Ud-value is a measure of the thermal efficiency of the whole rooflight (calculated in accordance with NARM Technical Document NTD2). ~Glass glazing option is not available with the access hatch option and limits other opening options depending on size Part L Building Regulations require a U-value of at least 2.2W/m2K: Brett Martin Daylight Systems recommend the use of at least triple skin rooflights in all applications


Polycarbonate rooflight light transmission properties are highlighted in the table underneath:

Clear – high visibility Maximum light generation Optimum clarity of vision and transparency of views and objects through the dome Opaldiffused light and solar control Maximum levels of diffused light generation joined with privacy Restricts solar glare and subtracts solar heat gain Impairs vision of optics and materials through the product Patterned – privacy Marries privacy with high levels of light processing Less significant daylight Repels sights of views and objects through the dome Bronze – solar control Minimizes solar glare and heat gain Offers a lower light transmission


Builders upstand (opening / vented) Dome is supplied complete with uPVC frame that fixes to top of builders upstand and houses any opening / ventilation equipment

150mm uPVC For mounting at roof surface level, providing 150mm of waterproofing height (exact kerb profile varies with specification)

300mm uPVC For mounting typically below roof surface level, providing 300mm of height for insulation and waterproofing

Trickle Vents 2 manually operated hit and miss trickle vents providing combined 8400mm² equivalent area ventilation. Please note trickle vents cannot be supplied with 450mm by 450mm size.

Mardome standard fixed dome data sheet(Click here to view PDF)


10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Delivery & Lead Time

All sizes below are on a 2-3 working day lead time. For all other sizes, lead time on application. Usually, other sizes and pyramid shape will be 3-7 working days but this depends workload.

450×450, 600x600m, 750×750, 900×600, 900×750, 900×900, 1050×600, 1050×750, 1050×1050, 1200×600, 1200×900, 1200×1200, 1350×1050, 1350×1350, 1500×1050, 1500×1500, 1800×900, 1800×1200, 1800×1800

Please note that the transport company is not responsible for delivering inside the property. They are not insured to do this so you will need to ensure an appropriate person is designated and on site to offload the product out of the vehicle once the driver arrives. We do not recommenced arranging equipment and installation until the item has been delivered.

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Bob toploft
Bob toploft
I am the owner of Top loft company ltd, after reviewing reviews from various companies I ordered 2 juliet balconies from tgs arrived within 3 weeks, comunications and help was brilliant. Thanks for all your help.
Jim H
Jim H
Great service from the team. Easy to order, good buying guidance and clear install instructions for my builder. Rooflights look absolutely great! The team at TGS couldn't have been more helpful in organising a smaller delivery vehicle to help with restricted access. Highly recommend TGS.
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Jack Smith
Great service from a very knowledgeable company. Thanks team Toughened Glass Systems.
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Paul Smith
I was spending a lot of money on several rooflights so I wanted to make sure I got it right and I did. The professionalism, expertise and the quality of the roof lanterns really set Toughened Glass Systems apart.
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Tyrone Eldridge
There are no complaints about the experience with TGS. The entire process of ordering, supplying and delivering was flawless. I would really recommend you order your flat roof sky lanterns from these guys.
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Robert Childers
Best place for rooflights, they supply many different types and options. Thanks for all your support Toughened Glass Systems!
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John Smith
The glass balustrade gives us an amazing view onto the lake outside. So happy we ended up going for the frameless glass balcony from Toughened Glass Systems instead of one with posts
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Louise Newsome
My job is to design the interiors for a lot of houses and a lot of times the hardest part was when the client wanted some really inexpensive rooflights that should look like some contemporary ones as well. That until I found Toughened Glass Systems and started working with them more and more. They have a lot of this kind of stuff at a very decent price, a price for anyone I can say. If you’re looking for cheap skylights for flat roofs or any types of roof lights, they probably have something for you.
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Krystina Taylor
Always kept us up to date with our order even when delayed by a few days. Great service from the start and good quality glass balcony delivered.