TGS Electric & Manual Opening Rooflights

Please Ensure Sizes Ordered Are Correct – Sizes Cannot be Changed Once The Order Is Processed. Electric & Manual opening rooflights with clear glass lead time 4-6 working days. Tinted/Satin/self clean glass – 5-7 working weeks lead time.

This item is made to order
All prices are subject to 20% VAT

Custom Size
UK mainland delivery
Laminated inner glass pane for extra safety to prevent injuries.
Fast delivery 4-6 days for small sizes (see delivery tab)
Thermally broken construction ensures no cold bridging
Price match guarantee for like for like products 
Exceptional U values
Factory bonded aluminum units

TGS rooflights which are both manual and electric boast an exceptional level of quality while it comes at a competitive price. It offers a centre pane U-value of 1.1W/,2K, which means that it offers an exceptional level of thermal efficiency, making it one of the best on the market.

This rooflight comes with a bottom pane of 6.4mm inner laminated glass which is different from rooflights that are offered by other competitors as they have a 6mm bottom pane. In larger rooflights, they will come with a laminated glass that is 9.5mm or 11.5mm. Laminated panes are made by taking two plies of glass and bonding a film or interlayer in between them. Should they shatter, the layer between the two plies holds the glass in place, preventing pieces of glass from falling to the floor, making it safer. If toughened glass was used, then this would shatter into pieces that could cause injury. What this means is that our rooflight with laminate glass on the bottom, provides a greater level of safety than those that have a bottom pane consisting of toughened glass only. The skylight can be easily positioned on top of the existing builder’s upstand and is manufactured to ISO 9001 industry standards in the UK.

Operated electrically or manually, it is connected to the mains power and can be operated using a wall switch while there is the option to take advantage of remote or rain sensor. This makes opening and closing the rooflight efficient.

Single or tandem actuators are used and the chosen option is dependent on the size. Smaller rooflights will use actuators that are concealed while large sizes will have an actuator that is more suited to heavy-duty use and is, therefore, exposed.

If the ventilation option is chosen, then the hit and miss trickle vents which are manually operated can provide a ventilation area that is equivalent to 8400mm2. The manual rooflight is operated using worm gear via a pole which is sold separately.

The design of the rooflight stands out with a contemporary look and a sleek design. It has a flush fitting and a slim powder-coated frame, allowing the maximum amount of light to enter the room. The framework is slim and this means that it can barely be seen after it is installed following our fitting guide. However, you should make sure that all sizes are correct prior to making payment as all orders are made to order and so, the sizes cannot be altered once we have started the manufacturing process.

A 4-degree pitch is required as a minimum with the maximum pitch being 15 degrees.

Measuring and Installation guide

Please see fitting instructions below and downloadable PDF link at the bottom of this page.

Please note size you purchase from our website drop down menu is based on the finished external upstand dimensions. If you purchase a 1000mm by 1000mm from our website then your external upstand dimension would be 1000mm by 1000mm. We have 40mm tolerance all around built into our sizes so if your external dimensions were 1040mm by 1040mm this would still fit. The width of your upstand should be 75mm wide.

Our rooflight is supplied complete with uPVC frame that fixes to top of builders upstand and houses any opening equipment. We can supply a PVC upstand for an additional cost but you would need to contact us before order is placed.

Acceptable tolerance:

– Opening Glass Rooflight = rooflight size +40/-20mm

Please note self-clean option is only offered with some sizes and only works effectively at pitches of 10 degrees and above.

TGS TB401 Installation Electric.PDF(Click here to view PDF)
TGS TB402 Installation Manual.PDF(Click here to view PDF)

Technical Information

Extra options:

Solar control glass: A solar control glass is a glass with a special coating designed to reduce the amount of heat entering a building

Self clean/easy clean glass: The glass coating reduces cleaning time and frequency.

Satin: Provides privacy but still lets in a level of light

Grey Tint: This will be supplied with a grey tinted glass

Stippolyte glass: is a type of obscure glazing. It is designed to provide privacy in rooms which are overlooked from outside or from neighbouring properties. Stippolyte glass has a textured surface which distorts light when entering the window

  • Premium rooflight offering a robust build
  • Powder coated aluminium frame as standard (RAL 7016).
  • Centre pane U-value of 1.1 W/m2K.
  • Thermally broken

Standard Glass Specification: 32.4mm Overall thickness

  • 6mm toughened clear glass top pane,
  • 20mm 90% Argon filled cavity
  • 6.4 mm laminated soft coat Low-E inner glass

For sizes bigger than 1000 by 2000 the bottom pane of glass used will be 8.8, 9.5mm or 11.5mm laminated glass.


These units are expected to remain fit for purpose in normal industrial conditions for a period of 20 years (guaranteed for 10 years), i.e. they will not become perforated, lose significant structural integrity or distort to the extent of losing weather-tightness. Electrical actuators (where present), are guaranteed for a period of 1 year; actuators have a design life of at least 10,000 cycles. Insulated glass used in the construction of the rooflight is guaranteed for 5 years.

Delivery & Lead Time

Lead time for this product is 4-6 working days if ordered before 12pm for the 9 sizes shown on this page. If extra options such as self-clean, satin or solar control glass are selected the lead time would increase to 20-30 working days.

Please ensure labour is on site to sign for and off load the product from the vehicle as the driver from transport company is not insured to deliver inside the property. Lead time may vary at times due to workload.

Please ensure labour is on site to sign for and off load the product from the vehicle as the driver from transport company is not insured to deliver inside the property. Lead time may vary at times due to workload. We do not recommenced arranging equipment and installation until the item has been delivered.