Roof Lights – Considerations You Should Make Before You Buy

Roof lights are estimated to add up to 30% more light to the room in which they’re installed than any standard window. As well as this healthy, free form of natural light, they also bring a host of other benefits. Naturally, installing any form of rooflight costs money – in some cases, more than traditional glazing solutions. But most customers agree that the benefits outweigh the expense, and with features such as energy saving performance and adding value to your home, they may even save you money longer term. Whether you’re looking at kitchen skylights or a rooflight for a loft space, here are a few considerations before you order your new window.

Where To Locate Your Flat Roof Skylight

In some circumstances, you won’t have much choice about where to site new roof lights. That is dictated by the location of the room in relation to the rest of your house, the size of the roof and so on. But if you do have any flexibility at all, it’s worth bearing in mind the different criteria that might affect its positioning and the results that will ensue.

The prime factor to consider is where the sun is at any given point during the day in relation to your roof. A flat roof skylight that faces towards the north will never receive direct sunlight, for example, so avoid this aspect if you have any discretion. South-facing windows, on the other hand, will benefit from a steady flow of daylight right throughout the day, so are great in a room you use often. East-facing roof lights will capture the morning sunlight – which may be a benefit or a curse in a bedroom depending on whether you’re a morning person or not!

West-facing flat roof lights, of course, get the best of the late afternoon and evening sunshine, so many people opt for these in living room spaces. If you have no choice on the actual position of the skylight, then don’t despair. You can still achieve the results you want by selecting the right type and style of window to maximise the effect of the light you have access to. For a north-facing roof, for instance, opt for the largest sized window you can accommodate – this helps capture as much natural daylight as possible.

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Insulation And Ventilation Are Vital Factors When Choosing Rooflights For Flat Roofs

The placement of the roof skylight introduces an important consideration in terms of the glass used. If the window will be exposed to significant periods of sunlight, such as a south-facing window, then you must think about the high UV levels involved. Over-exposure of the room’s occupants to UV light can be dangerous over the longer term, not to mention causing sun damage to furniture. If this is the case, you should invest in glazing that offers a much higher level of UV protection than if your window is north-facing. Additionally, it’s important to factor in the thermal insulation of rooflights for flat roofs. You don’t want to lose excess heat in winter, which will push up energy bills.

Check the U-value (the measure of thermal efficiency) of the window you’re considering. Generally, the lower the U-value, the more efficient it will be in terms of retaining heat within the room. And no matter which way your window is pointing, you should also think about ventilation for the room. Opting for windows that include ventilation features ensures that fresh air can access the room even if the window is fixed (non-opening) or closed.

These ventilation options act by incorporating an air filter which can be opened at will, with the added benefit of keeping troublesome insects from entering the room! It’s worth noting here that if you live in an area where changes to buildings are restricted because of their historical importance, you should also look for conservation rooflights – ones that comply with local planning authorities’ requirements.

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Where To Buy Your Fixed Roof Lights – Finding A Good Supplier

Another key decision to be made is whether you need walk on rooflights – that is, ones that will bear the weight of foot traffic if the roof is used for leisure purposes or even just for maintenance of the roof itself and the window in future. It’s an added expense, but very important in terms of health and safety. With all these factors to consider, finding the right roof lights for your property can be a tricky task. There are a whole range of decisions to be made, primarily centred on three key areas: how the window will be used; its performance; and aesthetic considerations. If you’re new to the world of flat roof windows, then it may seem confusing and hard to know where to begin. Your best option is to find a specialist that has extensive experience of working in this field, one that has served both domestic and trade customers such as architects, construction experts, and designers.

This kind of company will have a wealth of expertise to offer and will help guide you through the process. Off-the-shelf options from suppliers of conventional glazing solutions are unlikely to perform as you expect and may end up costing you more money in the long run. One place you can find all the assistance you need, from planning and design of your new skylight to installation support, maintenance, and more, is Toughened Glass Systems. With a great track record in the glazing business, this company supplies a full range of roof windows, including bespoke rooflights from Roofglaze and other recognised names.

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