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Flat Glass Rooflight Or Lantern-Shaped One? How To Choose Between Them

Flat glass rooflight or one that’s pyramid or lantern shaped? This is a dilemma that faces many homeowners when they plan to fit a skylight to a roof, building extension or orangery, for instance. It’s true that a pyramid or lantern-shaped glass structure is architecturally striking, and adds an instant wow factor to the look of the room it’s located in. But there are very practical reasons why opting for a flat roof skylight might be desirable. Before you take the plunge and part with your hard-earned cash, it’s worth considering every angle so you make a decision you can live with, without regret.

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The Benefits Of A Flat Roof Skylight

When you’re deciding whether to opt for a flat roof glass rooflight as opposed to a lantern-shaped one, it’s first important to note that the former has a much lower profile. In other words, it won’t stand out much above the roofline. That means in turn that installing a flat glass rooflight doesn’t change the external appearance of the building as much. Because of this, there are likely to be far fewer issues, and therefore hassle, with meeting planning regulations requirements, especially if you live in a built-up or conservation area. And yet there is still flexibility in their use. With flat rooflights, two or more can be joined together in a modular system to maximise the coverage of the roof and offer heaps more natural light, for instance. This is beneficial if you’re siting them in a long, thin room. A series of rooflights will add natural light along its full length; whereas a pyramid or lantern-shaped one is restricted in the areas it will illuminate.

Further Advantages Flat Glass Roof Lights Offer Over Lantern Shaped Ones

Glass roof lights that are flat rather than shaped also tend to be cheaper to buy and install because they are a much simpler design, and easier to manufacture and fit. Therefore, they’re the more cost-effective method of adding light to a room, which is often one of the most critical considerations for homeowners working to a budget. Once in place, maintenance of a flat roof light is easier too, and that’s in terms both of cleaning and having less to go wrong in future. While the glass used in both windows is toughened and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and impacts, if there are any breakages, it’s much quicker and easier to replace glass in a single unit than in a more complex structure. And finally, you may think a roof lantern will offer more light; but the glazing bars that hold the glass structure in place will inevitably be visible from below and can block some of the light from entering.

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