Glass Roof Lights Improving Light Quality In Built Up Areas

Glass roof lights can make a huge difference in the amount of natural light entering your home. It is well documented that natural light is essential to good health and wellbeing, but it can be very difficult to get enough natural light in a built-up area. Buildings are placed close together, and outside space is reducing all the time. This means that catching the sun as it passes by your windows can be akin to a magic trick and require a lot of carefully placed mirrors. However, the addition of a carefully placed flat roof skylight can significantly increase the amount of natural light entering a room.

Rooms That Can Benefit From A Flat Roof Skylight

How you make use of roof lights depends greatly on the design and structure of your home. If you have an apartment in the middle floor of a block, then you may need to think of other creative ways to add natural light using glass on your balcony or increasing the size of existing windows. The primary requirement for adding a roof light to a room is that the room must have direct access to the roof. If you are in a traditional two-storey house with a loft, then this can be tricky, but not impossible.

Extensions, even small ones, can have glass roof lights added to them to increase the light entering the room. Once you have increased the amount of natural light in this small space, you can use mirrors and colour to spread the light throughout the whole room. If you can add larger extensions, then adding rooflights in these spaces can help spread natural light through the whole floor of a home. This is especially true if you have open plan living where it is easy to get the light to travel from one space to another. If you have a flat roof on your home, then light can easily be added to the top storey of your home.

You can add bespoke rooflights to a bathroom to give it a completely new lease of life. You could ask an experienced rooflight company to design rooflights that sit over your hallway and stairs to spread the light to both levels of the home. With the right support and a little imagination, the possibilities for your home are endless.

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Opening Up Your Loft, Attic, And Even Basement Space With A Roof Light Window

While adding natural light with a roof light window is not always easy, it is possible in more cases than you may imagine. Even if you have an attic or loft to contend with, you can use roof lights to add natural light to your home. You could consider adding roof lights to the exterior roof, then add internal glass panels into your ceiling over your hallway or stairs. Not only would this increase the natural light in your home, but it would also create a unique design that would be a talking point for visitors.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to achieve additional light and space with fixed roof lights windows is to extend up into the loft space and create a new room. While this may not add much natural light to the rest of the home, it does create a light space that you can use as you wish and utilises a large space in your house that would otherwise be empty of stack full of old junk.

Attics and lofts are not the only dark, damp, and often forgotten spaces in your home that can be given a new lease of life and light with a roof window; there is also the basement to consider. If your basement can be extended into your front or rear garden, then a roof light can be added to it. If you use a company that offers reinforced glass that is safe to walk on, then you add light to the basement without losing garden space.

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Add Light And Create An Outdoor Space With A Flat Glass Rooflight

Lack of outdoor space is a significant problem in built-up areas. This lack of space can make the need for natural light in the home even greater. However, if you have a flat roof, or can create a flat roof area, then you can solve both problems with the addition of glass roof lights. Modern roof lights can be designed so that they are strong and secure enough to be walked on regularly. This means that you can add light to a room underneath your flat roof and create a safe roof garden to enjoy. Of course, there are numerous considerations when choosing to make such dual use of a flat glass rooflight. You need to ensure that the roof area is suitable for use as an outdoor space.

This may require planning permission and investigation into the safety aspects of such a creation. You will also need to ensure you create safety rails and suitable fencing to keep those using the roof garden safe. You will also need to consider carefully where you place the roof lights. You are not going to want to position them over a room such as a bathroom if people are going to be walking over them and potentially looking through them. The bedroom may also be a bad idea. However, placing the rooflights over the hall or stairs maximises the amount of light coming into the home and reduces the risk of embarrassing moments. Finally, you want to ensure that you hire an experienced glass company, such as Toughened Glass Systems to create the windows.

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Love Your Home More With Glass Roof Lights From Toughened Glass Systems

Adding natural light to your home can make a huge difference to how your home looks and feels. It can make even the darkest space feel friendly and inviting. However, to achieve the results you want, it is important to work with an experienced glass company. At Toughened Glass Systems, we support our customers at every stage of the planning, installation, and aftercare journey. Our bespoke glass roof lights can bring dramatic improvements to any building. Learn more about our products at Then, call our team on 0203 633 3224 to discuss your home project.