Kitchen Skylights

Kitchen Skylights Enhance And Illuminate Any Kitchen Space

Kitchen skylights, where appropriate, are a highly practical alternative to typical wall mounted windows. They can help save valuable space in smaller kitchens that can then be used for additional storage, for kitchen cabinets and appliances, or to help contribute towards an uncluttered feel. They are also beautiful, introducing strong, healthy natural light into the room that enhances your overall kitchen design and improving its functionality as a working space. In this article, we look at just a few of the factors to consider if you’re thinking of employing a flat roof skylight in a new or existing kitchen area.

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Why Introduce A Flat Roof Skylight Into A Kitchen?

Skylights are most commonly thought about in connection with loft conversions or perhaps in a living room, but in fact there’s nowhere better to add this valuable light source than in a kitchen. Kitchens are practical spaces, where various types of lighting are needed to improve the room’s functionality. As well as ambient lighting, for instance, to enable users to move round without bumping into things, kitchens also need task lighting, so that you can prepare food and so on.

While ceiling or wall mounted lights can illuminate even the darkest corners of your kitchen, there’s really no better type of light for a frequently-used workspace than natural daylight. And that’s where kitchen skylights come in. Perhaps you have a kitchen in a recently built, single story extension attached to your house.

Maybe you have a basement kitchen that suffers from a lack of external windows, or an attic kitchen which can feel small and claustrophobic because of sloped or slanted ceilings. No matter what the scenario, kitchen roof lights will help open up the space. They’ll create a new sense of airy spaciousness by offering a superb view of the outside world, while bringing much needed ventilation to keep your kitchen feeling fresh and vibrant.

Position roof lights for kitchen spaces above worksurfaces that are in frequent use, or over any breakfast bar, kitchen island, or dining table, if you have one in your room. Of course, you will still need pendants or downlights for dark evenings, but you’ll be amazed at the difference natural light will bring to the look, feel and functionality of your kitchen space.

How Skylights Like Roofmaker Rooflights Make Spaces Feel More Open

The introduction of additional, natural light makes any small or narrow kitchen instantly look more open and appealing. Unlike a wall mounted window, a skylight distributes a whole flood of natural light more evenly across the whole room. This can create a fantastic effect, especially if you have opted for darker coloured kitchen cabinets and work surfaces. In fact, it’s estimated that roof windows can introduce between three and ten times the amount of daylight into a room than a standard, wall-sited window. This is because they allow both ambient lighting from the sky to flood into the room and also, of course, direct light from the sun. Then there’s the type of glazing used in rooflights.

The right kind of transparent or translucent glass can capture available sunlight, even when the sun is at low angles, and diffuse it more widely than side lighting from wall windows across the floor and work space in your kitchen. All in all, skylights like Roofmaker or TGS skylights rooflights introduce light even on dull, overcast days. Of course, this may on occasion create too much glare, so you may also need to consider including blinds when you place an order for roof windows. These will be specially designed for the Roof Maker skylights in question, ensuring that the fit is perfect. It’s even possible to choose blinds that have thermal properties, ensuring heat loss from your kitchen is minimised. This is a bonus way to help reduce energy bills during those cold winter months.

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How Often Does A Roof Light Kitchen Window Need Replacing?

Kitchen skylights are exposed to the elements. If you invest in a high quality model, you should expect around 5 to 20 years of good service out of it. But perhaps you’ve inherited a roof light kitchen window and it is starting to show wear and tear. Cheap or poorly fitted skylights may begin to leak air or water. Nobody wants to go to the unnecessary expense of having a whole new window fitted if a quick repair job will do the trick, though, so when does a skylight need replacing and when is repair a realistic option? If a skylight is less than five years old and shows signs of an occasional leak, then it’s likely to be a problem with the flashing, the glazing seal or any mechanics involved. That’s a small job that can be carried out quite quickly and with minimal expense.

An older rooflight with a more persistent leak may require greater work. Often, removing some of the flashing material around the window and replacing it will do the trick. But if the leak persists beyond this, then it’s entirely possible that ongoing repairs will eventually cost more than just replacing the whole unit, so to keep patching it up will just become a false economy. That expense, of course, may also include ongoing repairs to internal decoration that may become damaged by incoming water. Replacement is often a good opportunity to look at new technological advances in skylights, like more energy efficient units. If you need a new skylight, look no further than the extensive range offered by Toughened Glass Systems.

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