Rooflights For Flat Roofs

Their Uses And Benefits, The Options Available And How Much To Spend

Rooflights for flat roofs are a popular option and one that offers many advantages to homeowners and commercial customers alike. In the domestic context, for example, the purpose of a new build extension is to maximise space in an existing home; and the installation of rooflights help maximise the light and space available in that new area too. Unlike conventional wall-mounted windows, a flat roof skylight does not cut down on the wall area available for radiators, storage or siting furniture. What a rooflight will do is allow large amounts of natural light to illuminate the room. Read on to find out more about the benefits of rooflights.

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Why Opt For A Flat Roof And A Flat Roof Skylight?

While flat roofs are especially popular in dry, warm countries where rainfall is low, they are still fairly commonly found in the UK on commercial properties. For homeowners, they’re a great option for new extensions and on garages, for example. First, looking at the benefits of flat roofs for buildings, the flat roof is often the most cost-efficient roofing option as it maximises the space below ceiling level. All the room can be used fully, with none of the high, unfilled spaces that are created by a pitched roof. There are also some circumstances in which the space above the roof can be used too – for instance, as a roof garden, decked area or such like. In commercial properties such as a restaurant, a flat roof offers the opportunity to add an extra, outdoor seating area. Because a flat roof has a smaller surface area than a pitched roof, it can also be much cheaper to install, as it uses less in the way of materials. Another important advantage is that it offers greater possibilities for installation of specially designed rooflights for flat roofs and/or solar panels, which can be an important consideration for many households. Flat roof rooflights UK wide are one of the most popular options for both adding light to a building with a flat roof and, if opening flat roof lights are chosen, they will also add essential ventilation. The range available to both private and business customers is extensive, making them flexible and versatile enough to fit into almost any context.

What Types Of Flat Roof Lights UK Wide Are Available?

When it comes to flat roof lights UK wide, what are the options on offer to you? In broad terms, there are three specific types on the market. The first is ventilating windows – ones that open to admit air as well as light. The second are tubular skylights. These consist of small, usually round, windows sited in the roof that capture daylight and transmit it down into the space below through flexible or rigid tubes, the light is then diffused throughout the room. These are a great choice for tight spaces, such as walkways and corridors, small rooms and foyers. The last type are fixed rooflights that are typically installed in hard-to-reach areas. They add plenty of additional light, but no ventilation. Within these three options, there are then a huge range of shapes and sizes of flat roof extension roof lights that customers can choose from. Skylights can be arched, domed or pyramid shaped. There are also various kinds of light shafts too, which affect how the light is transmitted into the room below. A flared light shaft, for example, will capture and diffuse more light down into the space as the sun moves across the sky than a straight light shaft. The glazing used is also variable. Customers can, broadly speaking, choose either plastic or glass. The former is economical, but glass, while more expensive, is the more durable option. Then, there are specialist finishes that can reduce the amount of UV rays entering through the glass, or self-cleaning glass that reduces maintenance.

What Are Rooflights For Flat Roofs Prices Like?

One of the major considerations when choosing the appropriate type of windows for an extension or existing roof space will, of course, be budget. Rooflights for flat roofs prices will inevitably vary widely, depending on the type of window, glass, and frame you select. One thing that is worth mentioning, though, is that purchasing rooflights for flat roofs is an investment in your property, and one that will pay off over time. Not only will you benefit from more natural light – which has been proven to improve mental and physical health – but most options on the market these days are energy efficient, so will contribute to cutting your energy bills. Over the longer term, these types of windows could well pay for themselves. But in addition, you will also find that you are adding to the value of your property. While it’s hard to measure exactly what return on investment you’ll get from a specific type of skylight, they will certainly increase the aesthetic appeal of your home or office space. They make the room appear bigger and brighter, and this creates an instant, positive reaction from prospective buyers. When it comes to deciding on a budget for your new rooflights, bear in mind that you are more likely to reap these benefits if you invest an appropriate amount in good quality skylights, supplied by a professional, experienced firm. One such company that will offer sound advice and a high quality product and service is Toughened Glass Systems.

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