Skylight In Flat Roof

Skylight In Flat Roof Installation – Is It Possible And Desirable?

Skylight in flat roof features make an attractive addition to properties. They enhance the natural light that floods into a building and can even offer extra ventilation if an opening window is chosen. But is it something you should consider for your home if you have a flat roof? You may have heard worrying stories about such skylights becoming compromised by the weather and causing damage to the fabric of the building. Additionally, flat roof skylight can allow excess sunlight to enter the room, which can impair carpets and soft furnishings, and even cause skin damage to its occupants.

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The good news is that it is entirely possible to install a skylight on a roof of almost any type and flat roofs are no exception. Alongside the usual challenges that come with fitting such a window at height, though, your installer will have to take into account the need to ensure that roof skylights for flat roof are fitted at a minimum slope. This is to ensure that rainwater runs off without pooling and creating potential problems with damp and mould. The recommendation is that skylights for flat roof surfaces should be fitted with a minimum fall of three degrees.

This is usually sufficient for any sized window and also makes sure that water does not accumulate on the surface, only to evaporate at a later date and leave unsightly staining and dirt on the glass. To avoid problems with over exposure to UV rays in the room below, flat roof skylights for homes should be positioned correctly – it’s often recommended to avoid south-facing aspects, as these attract the most sunlight. However, as one of the main purposes of a skylight is to capitalise on the natural light, it is instead possible to select a glass specification that blocks the UV rays while still allowing sunlight to pour into the room below.

As you can see, flat skylights for flat roofs have huge advantages, but choosing the right specification and installation can be a little more complex than simply buying an off the shelf roof light from your local DIY centre. Why not take expert advice from Toughened Glass Systems? You can call us on 020 3633 3224, email us at [email protected] or use the online contact form on our website if you have queries about the kind of skylight that will be beneficial for your home.

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