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Walk On Rooflights For Your Home Or Business

Walk on rooflights can completely transform any space in your home or business. Structural glass floors are beautiful from a design perspective. However, they can also be exceptionally practical, ensuring you have a usable floor space while enabling natural light to flood into a dark room. There are many different types of applications for this flat roof skylight, including patios, basements, well glass covers, walkways, passageways, stairs, and roofs. In this guide, we are going to reveal everything you need to know regarding walk on rooflights. So, keep on reading to find out more…

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Domestic Walk On Flat Roof Skylight Options

Firstly, we are going to take a look at walk on roof lights for domestic purposes. It is important to note that the walk on rooflight cost quoted to you can differ dramatically depending on a number of different factors. Of course, the company you choose to carry out the service will play a big role. However, there are a lot of other factors that are important too, including the size of the roof light and the position of it. This is because roof lights have a number of applications in a domestic setting. They can often be used in basements, as these rooms are notorious for having a lack of light and being dark and dingy. Walk on rooflights enable light to flood into the basement without taking up any usable space. Not only this but roof lights are often installed in roof gardens and terraces. This has the dual purpose of bringing more light into the home while also creating a statement piece in your garden, which will really unlock the true potential of it. When it comes to the specifications for domestic walk on rooflights, as a minimum, walk on units should be designed for a standard domestic floor loading of 1.5kN/m2. As per BS EN 1991-1-1:2002, there should also be a concentrated load of 2.0kN. You should also be able to choose from a wide range of frames and designs, enabling you to create a modern and sleek look with a frameless design, or to choose something more striking and unique.

Commercial Walk On Glass Rooflights

As mentioned, walk on glass rooflights are not only suitable for a domestic setting. They can be used in a commercial setting, and there are many different ways that you will see walk on roof glass used. Just think of when you go to an aquarium and you are able to see the fish beneath you. This is a good example. Furthermore, a lot of hotels often incorporate walk on glass into their design, creating the impression of a bigger and more luxurious venue. You can even have glass walk on roof lights incorporated into your office design in order to create an inspiring workplace. After all, we all know the importance of natural sunlight in terms of providing a productive and healthy workplace setting. The options are endless, and the best businesses will be able to cater to heavy-duty applications and public areas whereby the loadings are going to be a lot bigger. This means that the walk on glass will be able to handle a much greater load level than was discussed in the domestic section. This is something you will be able to discuss with the professional you hire in further depth. It is also worth pointing out that installing roof lights can be part of your business’ commitment to give back to the planet and do your bit to reduce your environmental impact, as you will be less reliant on electricity.

Mistakes Made When Purchasing Walk On Roof Lights

When buying walk on roof lights, there are a number of different factors that need to be considered. The last thing you want to do is rush into the process and make a mistake. After all, it is not something that can easily be rectified. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes people have made when purchasing this type of product. One of the biggest misconceptions is the bigger the walk on rooflights, the better. It is understandable why you may assume that you will get more natural light into your room with a bigger glass panel. However, you could simply end up spending more money for no reason. In fact, the position of the roof light will play a critical role in terms of how much natural light floods the room. This is why you always need to use the services of an experienced company. Another mistake a lot of people make is going for a company that is just starting out or one that offers a wide range of services, and therefore, does not specialise in roof lights. You really cannot afford to take a risk when it comes to something like this. Experience is everything. You need a company that has carried out this sort of work time and time before. They should have a good gallery of their work for you to take a look at. This is something you can be certain of with Toughened Glass Systems. They have tons of experience and take pride in their transparent service.

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