Will Flat Roof Skylights Add Value To Your Home?

Increasing numbers of people are considering adding flat roof skylights to their homes these days. One reason is that with the property market and the economy the way it is at the moment, many people are unable to afford moving to a larger property. Instead, they are adding extra space by extending into the loft or building an extension.

But what value do skylights for flat roof spaces add, both in financial terms and as regards aesthetic and practical appeal to the home owner? Well, there are many benefits to investing in skylights, even if you are not planning on moving home in the near future. Firstly, for example, if you are opening up your property into your loft space, it’s always better to have a natural light source to illuminate the room. Not only does it result in cheaper energy costs, natural light is also better than its artificial equivalent in terms of psychological well-being. Skylights tend to let in around 30% more natural light than traditional-style, vertical windows mounted in walls. Therefore, certainly during daylight hours, there will be less need to turn on a lamp or overhead light to illuminate a working or living space. Even at night, a flat skylight will admit what light is emitted from the moon and stars in a clear sky, removing the need for a nightlight if moving around in the dark. Another useful factor is that a skylight mounted in the roof inevitably frees up wall space, providing more room for furniture, radiators, artwork and so on. In short, it allows for more flexibility when it comes to internal fixtures, fittings and decoration.

This brings us onto the financial value of a flat glass skylight when it comes to selling your home. In the first place, a skylight with the above benefits will make such an additional room highly appealing to prospective buyers. A loft conversion which only has artificial light to brighten it often doesn’t really feel like a useful room in its own right at all. Flat roof skylights also offer visual appeal: having a view of the sky, day and night, provides a constantly changing picture, which in itself can be an attractive feature. If the room in which the skylight is positioned is on the small side, all this extra natural light from above will also have the effect of creating an illusion of more space. And that’s something that any potential purchaser will appreciate. But the advantages aren’t restricted to the interior of the building. The right skylight will also offer kerb appeal to those viewing the building from the outside. A roof light provides an eye-catching feature to people looking from pavement level, in an otherwise bland expanse of roof.

Of course, to truly add value to your property, any flat roof skylights should be chosen in conjunction with specialist advice and installed by experts. A leaking, damaged, faulty or visually unappealing skylight will only serve to risk damaging the fabric of your home. It will also be an instant turn-off to prospective buyers when you do come to sell.