Annealed Glass Products And Processes

Annealed glass is the basic flat glass product that is the first result of the float process. It is common glass that tends to break into large, jagged shards. It is used in some end products and often in double-glazed windows. It is also the starting material used to produce more advanced products through further processing such as laminating and toughening. Mistakes at the annealing stage can affect the durability of the finished glass product. This is one of the many reasons why it is important to use an expert glass processing company for all your glazing needs.

Why Annealing Is An Important Glazing Process

The process of annealing is essential to the strength and durability of the finished glass product. Annealing relieves the stresses that can be caused through manipulation of the glass, meaning that glass that is not annealed is more likely to shatter or crack as it retains the thermal stresses that are caused through quenching. Slow cooling is central to the process of creating annealed glass. The glass is first heated to its stress-relief point and then allowed to heat-soak until it reaches an even temperature throughout. It is then cooled carefully to avoid sudden temperature changes that can adversely affect its structure. Mistakes at any stage can be catastrophic.

Ensure The Quality Of Your Glass Installation With Products From Toughened Glass Systems

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