Glass Partitions 

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Sound proof glass partitions
Various sizes, door handles, hinges and fixing rail styles
Made to order

Toughened Glass Systems can help you retain that feeling of space within your office divisions or home by choosing glass partitions.

Our glass partitions come in a range of colours, including frosted finishes, and are complimented by our large range of aluminium surrounds. From a design perspective, they promote openness and light whilst reducing the amount of noise that travels through the space. When the requirements of the space change, they can be combined with new frosted film, screens, and other elements as appropriate making them a versatile partitioning option.

Toughened Glass Systems offers a range of options for glass partitions for residential and commercial use. The options for glass partitions include:

  • Sound proof glass partitions
  • Frosted/opaque glass partitions
  • Toughened glass partitions
  • Laminated glass partitions
  • Various door handles, hinges and fixing rail styles and chrome/satin finish
  • Various door sizes
  • Sandblasted company logo designs
  • Tinted glass partitions