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Glass Juliet Balconies


Please Ensure Sizes Ordered Are Correct – Sizes Cannot be Changed Once The Order Is Processed.

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Toughened & Laminated Glass for Extra Safety

Glass Juliet Balconies For Sale

Toughened Glass Systems supply and deliver custom made toughened and laminated glass Juliet balconies throughout the UK.

Our glass Juliet balcony is constructed using the most superior quality durable toughened glass which conforms to BS EN 12150 and BS EN 14449. Designed to blend seamlessly with your property allowing you to enjoy unobstructed views.

We can also supply Frameless Glass Juliet Balconies. This product can be found by clicking the link below.

Juliet balcony features

We offer a range of Juliet balcony options to choose from for sale including:

  • 13.5mm, 17.5mm or 21.5mm laminated glass
  • Chrome or stainless steel fixings
  • 4 or 6 fixings dependent on size
  • Self cleaning glass
  • Clear glass or optiwhite glass (low iron)
  • Frosted glass
  • Coloured interlayer
  • Tinted glass

What is a Juliet balcony?

Juliet balconies are narrow balconies or railings which sit across an upper story opening. As they don’t extend outwards, they can’t be walked on. Their minimalist design produces a striking aesthetic, and they’re ideal for increasing natural light in a room.

What’s the purpose of a Juliet balcony?

As you can’t sit or walk on Juliet balconies, their primary function is aesthetic, and they produce stunning effects when seen from both the inside and outside of a property. From inside, they fill the room with light, making it far more pleasant and bringing the best out of the space. From outside, they give the appearance of a real balcony, and are beautiful to look at.

Benefits of a Juliet balcony

  • Increase natural light
  • Save money on lighting bills
  • Give your room the appearance of being much larger
  • Affordable and easy to install compared to normal balconies
  • Feel connected to the world outdoors 

Measuring & Installation Guide

Measuring instructions

Measure the structural opening size which is 2000mm on the example below:

If the glass Juliet balcony is being fitted to brick, add an additional 300mm to the structural opening size which will make the glass overhang 150mm on each side.

The overall width of the glass in this example will be 2300mm wide with 2200mm fixing centres as shown below. Please note the below is an EXAMPLE size only, you must review the sizes and hole positions on the image next to the drop down menu size you select where the price is displayed.

If the glass Juliet balcony is being fitted to a dormer loft with a timber structure and tiles, we would need to know the measurements from the centre of the timber post support on the right side to the centre of the timber post support on the left side. If the centre to centre measurements of the timber posts are 2200mm then glass Juliet balcony size above would work.


You will need to purchase m10 rods to fix the balcony which are available at most builder’s merchants. The round stand-off brackets we supply with the balcony screw directly onto the m10 rods. M10 rods and 2-part resin will be required if fixing into brick/concrete or m10 rods, nut and washer secured internally if fixing into wood. It is solely your responsibility to provide accurate dimensions, sizes cannot be changed once manufacturing commences. We can provide simulated loading calculations for the glass. All fixings are supplied with standard 10mm back spacers which allow the glass to be off set from the wall/timber post by 10mm. Bigger back spacers can be purchased at additional cost.

Delivery & Lead Time

Standard sizes can be manufactured and delivered within 7-14 working days in the London/M25 and surrounding area. For this product we can only offer delivery to certain parts of the UK. Lead time in other area may take a few days longer. Labour will need to be arranged on site during delivery to off-load from the vehicle as the driver arrives alone and is not insured to off load inside the property. Third party transport only deliver in each area on specific days of the week. We will send a date in advance and time slot will be 7am to 6pm. We do not recommenced arranging equipment and installation until the item has been delivered.

Based on 210 reviews
Bob toploft
Bob toploft
I am the owner of Top loft company ltd, after reviewing reviews from various companies I ordered 2 juliet balconies from tgs arrived within 3 weeks, comunications and help was brilliant. Thanks for all your help.
Jim H
Jim H
Great service from the team. Easy to order, good buying guidance and clear install instructions for my builder. Rooflights look absolutely great! The team at TGS couldn't have been more helpful in organising a smaller delivery vehicle to help with restricted access. Highly recommend TGS.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith
Great service from a very knowledgeable company. Thanks team Toughened Glass Systems.
Paul Smith
Paul Smith
I was spending a lot of money on several rooflights so I wanted to make sure I got it right and I did. The professionalism, expertise and the quality of the roof lanterns really set Toughened Glass Systems apart.
Tyrone Eldridge
Tyrone Eldridge
There are no complaints about the experience with TGS. The entire process of ordering, supplying and delivering was flawless. I would really recommend you order your flat roof sky lanterns from these guys.
Robert Childers
Robert Childers
Best place for rooflights, they supply many different types and options. Thanks for all your support Toughened Glass Systems!
John Smith
John Smith
The glass balustrade gives us an amazing view onto the lake outside. So happy we ended up going for the frameless glass balcony from Toughened Glass Systems instead of one with posts
Louise Newsome
Louise Newsome
My job is to design the interiors for a lot of houses and a lot of times the hardest part was when the client wanted some really inexpensive rooflights that should look like some contemporary ones as well. That until I found Toughened Glass Systems and started working with them more and more. They have a lot of this kind of stuff at a very decent price, a price for anyone I can say. If you’re looking for cheap skylights for flat roofs or any types of roof lights, they probably have something for you.
Krystina Taylor
Krystina Taylor
Always kept us up to date with our order even when delayed by a few days. Great service from the start and good quality glass balcony delivered.