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Flat Roof Skylight Options

Flat Roof Skylight Options: A Helpful Guide

Flat roof skylight options are becoming incredibly popular in properties of all types. Whether residential or commercial properties, skylights are becoming must have features that can also bring a wealth of benefits to the interiors of the buildings they are placed on. The roof skylight that we know today first originated during the industrial revolution, which brought about the mass production of glass. Since that point, there have been several changes to improve the appearance and efficiency of skylights. In this article, we discuss all things skylights and recommend the best options available in the UK today.

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Rooflights For Flat Roofs Can Come In Various Different Shapes And Styles

Flat roof lights, such as a flat roof skylight, can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and can be made with a wide range of transparent or translucent materials. Glass is undoubtedly the material that most people want – especially double glazed – but rooflights for flat roofs are also available that feature plastic glazing. However, there’s no doubt that a double-glazed flat glass rooflight is the best option. There’s even the possibility of getting glass for skylights that are triple glazed. Skylights can also be made to be walked on too. These types of skylights need to be made of special toughened glass. Skylights can even come in a variety of shapes and don’t necessarily need to be flat. They can by domed, arched, concave on one side and so on. Many flat roof extension roof lights companies can build custom skylights to suit the needs of their clients. Slopes can be integrated into the skylight to help get rid of moisture or leaves – even on a flat roof. So, amongst all these options for skylights, which ones are the best? There are several factors that can affect this important decision and we’re going to discover these next.

Finding The Best Fixed Roof Lights For Flat Roofed Buildings

The type of fixed rooflights for flat roofs that you settle on is dependent on several factors relating to what you’re looking for and what would be best suited to the dynamics of your building. Placement can have a large effect on the type and size of skylight you should consider getting installed. How much light do you want to come into the property? Are there certain objects that could be damaged by over exposure to UV light? The last of these questions can be solved by having a special type of glass installed that controls the level of sunlight. These are just a few of the factors that should be considered by anyone interested in having a flat roof glass skylight installed. Also consider whether the skylight needs to be walked on. This is an important decision if fixed roof lights are going to be installed as part of a walkway – either internally or externally. Another consideration is whether you want the skylight to open or not. This can help with ventilation, but may not be advisable dependent on the situation, such as the slope of the roof. Irrespective of your choice of skylight and decisions relating to the above points, it’s important to find the highest quality skylight and the best installer available.

What Are The Major Benefits Of Flat Roof Skylight Windows?

There are many great advantages derived from the installation of flat roof skylight windows. One such clear benefit relates to daylight. A sloped or flat roof skylight can be a terrific source of sunlight, which in turn comes packed with a variety of health benefits for the occupiers within – physically, psychologically and emotionally. Not only that, but they can be a source of solar heat during the winter months. This has the advantage of also bringing down energy bills. However, this is only the case when fixed flat rooflights have been installed correctly. Research has demonstrated that heat retention and heat loss brought about by skylights can be 40% more likely than with standard windows.

So, while fixed roof windows skylights have far more potential to help retain heat in a property than standard windows, poorly installed models can also decrease the heat efficiency of a property. The materials also matter here too. For certain businesses, privacy can also be a huge consideration. Windows can compromise this privacy and damage the figurative ‘health’ of a business. But skylights on the roof can bring about all the benefits that windows do whilst offering far more privacy. This can also be helpful to residential properties where the occupants seek better privacy. These are just a few of the advantages that skylights can provide.

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Flat Roof Lights Can Promote Great Health

As well as the major benefits considered above, there are numerous other clear advantages that flat roof lights can bring about – such as good health. The mental benefits are definitely worth focusing on. Just think of it in a work situation where either you or a staff member are stressed out. Imagine having a comfy sofa lying underneath a fixed glass skylight and being able to see the sunlight, or birds flying high in the sky. It’s enough to de-stress and re-motivate even the most negative and annoyed of us! Natural light can also bring about the production of vitamin D which is great for the metabolism and muscle health of the recipient.

When it comes to sleeping, flat roof skylights can also offer other benefits. When installed in a bedroom, a flat glass rooflight can boost your ability to get into a good sleep cycle. This helps co-ordinate your sleep cycles to operate in line with sunlight and can help keep your immune system feeling good. At businesses such as Toughened Glass Systems, the teams consider every option, drawback and possibility to ensure that their skylights are built and installed with the greatest care to maximise the benefits to individual clients.

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