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Glass Balcony & Balustrades

For Your Home Or Work Environment

Balustrades are an integral part of many home and work environments. As well as being essential to creating safe stairways and landings, they can be used for balconies and as pool surrounds. When designing a balustrade for a new building or as part of an interior redesign, it can be tempting to stick to tried and tested materials such as wood and metal. However, glass can bring new life and light to the area and enhance any home, work or outdoor environment. If you are considering glass as an option, it is important to source quality materials, expert advice and experienced installers.

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Choose Glass Installation That Enhances Your Surroundings

The areas where balustrades need to be installed can often be dark, small and enclosed spaces. Choosing glass instead of wood or metal can help to open these areas up, giving them a more spacious feel and letting in more natural light. This can transform a workplace, making it feel more uplifting. It can also help to reduce fuel bills in the home, while lifting your mood and creating a visually pleasing environment without compromising on safety. When used outside, glass balustrades allow you to create surrounds and separate areas of your garden without creating visual barriers that affect the overall aesthetic. When used on balconies, glass provides the safety you need while letting you enjoy more natural light and warmth, and also giving you a better view of your surroundings.

Create The Perfect Glass Balustrade With Toughened Glass Systems

If you are considering glass for your balustrades, but are concerned about privacy, why not consider tinted glass or combining glass panels with other materials? If you are unsure how this could work or where to start with your project, speak to the team at Toughened Glass Systems. As expert glass suppliers, we can help create the finish that is right for you.

And, with our expert installation contractors, your finished project will live up to your expectations. Learn more about how glass can enhance your home. If you have any questions, head to the contact page and leave us a message via our enquiry form.

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