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How to Make a Room Cooler

Bedroom with plants, a rug, a wooden chair, and wooden blinds lifted up allowing sun to enter

We look forward to the nice summer weather coming around, but it is often easy to forget that sometimes it can be an inconvenience. There are plenty of ways you can keep your home cool during the hot summer months. Here are some of our top tips and favourite methods.

Tips for keeping your rooms cooler

Top tips include:

Air conditioning

Installing air conditioning is one of the most effective strategies for controlling your room’s temperature. Make sure your air conditioning system is regularly maintained, and the filters are clean in order to keep it working efficiently. Additionally, consider programmable thermostats to maintain a consistent temperature, keeping your space comfortable while managing energy consumption.


Ceiling and oscillating fans are another good way for promoting air circulation and creating a breeze that can make the room feel cooler. Positioning fans strategically can help in distributing cool air evenly throughout the room. Remember, fans do not actually reduce the temperature of the room, they only circulate cold air towards which in turn cools us down. Make sure you turn them off when the room is not in use to save energy.

Turn off electronics

Electronics generate heat when in use or even in standby mode. By turning off unnecessary devices, you can reduce the amount of heat within a room. Get into the habit of shutting down your electronics when not in use and disconnecting chargers to aid in keeping your living space cooler.

Keep light out during the day

Utilising curtains, blinds, or shades to block sunlight can reduce indoor temperatures. By preventing direct sunlight from entering, you can maintain cooler room conditions, especially in spaces with large windows or glass doors.

Limit oven use

Kitchens can become very hot when ovens are in use, which can contribute to the overall temperature of your house. Opting for alternative cooking methods such as microwaving, using an outdoor grill, or preparing cold dishes can help keep your kitchen and, consequently, your home cooler during the summer months.

Keep windows closed and covered during the day

To prevent hot air from entering, you should keep windows tightly closed and covered during peak sunlight hours. This is especially effective in areas where the outside temperature is much hotter than the indoor temperature. Employing reflective window films or using insulated curtains can further assist in maintaining cooler indoor environments.

Open windows and skylight windows at night

Take advantage of cooler nighttime temperatures by opening windows allows for cross-ventilation, drawing cool air into your home and pushing out hot air. Make sure to only do this when proper security measures are in place, if leaving windows open overnight.

We offer a range of opening skylights, ventilated skylights, and smoke vents and access hatch rooflights, all perfect for reducing heat on summer nights. Get yours today.

Shut and insulate doors

To concentrate cool air in specific areas, keep doors to unused rooms shut and consider using draught excluders or door seals. This not only prevents cool air from escaping, but also stops warm air from circulating throughout the house, making it easier to manage temperatures.

Switch from CFL or LED light bulbs

Traditional bulbs convert a large portion of energy into heat rather than light, adding unnecessary warmth to your rooms. Switching to energy-efficient CFL or LED bulbs can significantly reduce this heat output, contributing to a cooler environment while also lowering your energy bills.

Manage the humidity

High humidity levels can make indoor temperatures feel warmer than they are. Using dehumidifiers to control moisture in the air can make your room feel cooler. Avoiding activities that generate a lot of moisture, such as taking long showers, can help maintain lower humidity levels.

Close the doors to unused rooms

Closing the doors of rooms you aren’t using can prevent cool air from spreading into these spaces, allowing you to focus your cooling efforts on frequently occupied areas. This strategy is particularly effective in larger homes, where cooling unused spaces can be wasteful and inefficient.

Open your attic hatch

Opening your attic hatch can allow hot air that rises to the top of your house to escape. This can help in reducing overall temperatures within your home. Ensure that this practice is safe and practical for your specific home layout and design.

Hang up damp sheets

Hanging damp sheets in front of open windows can cool the air entering a room. This old technique works as the air passes through the wet fabric, cooling the room’s temperature. It’s a simple, eco-friendly way to beat the heat, especially during the evenings when the air outside is cooler. The only downside is that it is a temporary measure and not the most aesthetically pleasing.

Use heat-reducing film on windows and glass doors

Applying heat-reducing film to windows and glass doors can significantly block out the sun’s heat, allowing you to maintain cooler room temperatures without obstructing natural light.

Use extractor fans

Extractor fans, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms, are effective in removing hot air and steam from cooking and showering. By expelling this warm air directly outside, extractor fans prevent it from spreading throughout the house, helping to maintain a cooler environment.

How Toughened Glass Systems can help

Toughened Glass Systems can help make your home cooler by offering the best rooflight and skylight solutions. Our rooflights and skylights allow for better ventilation, which can increase natural airflow throughout your property by letting the hot air rise out and exchange with the cooler air outside. In addition to our opening and ventilated solutions, we also offer:

More helpful articles


When should I open windows in a heatwave?

During a heatwave, the best time to open your windows is in the early morning or late evening, when the temperature outside drops below the indoor temperature. This strategy allows cooler air to circulate through your home, reducing the indoor temperature without the need for air conditioning. Monitoring local weather forecasts can help you choose the optimal times for ventilation. Make sure you close your windows when the temperature rises. 

Is it better to leave windows open or closed on a hot day?

On a hot day, it’s generally better to keep windows closed and covered if the outdoor temperature is higher than inside your home. This prevents hot air from entering and increases the effectiveness of indoor cooling methods. However, if the temperature outside drops below the indoor temperature, opening windows can help cool down your home naturally.

Is it good to open windows at night in summer?

Yes, opening windows at night in summer can be beneficial for cooling down your home. Nighttime temperatures are typically cooler, allowing for a natural and energy-efficient way to reduce indoor heat. Ensure that your home is secure and consider using window screens to keep out insects.

When should I open my windows to reduce humidity?

To reduce humidity, open your windows during times when the outdoor air is drier than indoors. This often occurs during midday or afternoon, depending on your climate. Be careful of the outdoor temperature to avoid warming up your home. Using ventilation fans and dehumidifiers can also effectively reduce indoor humidity levels.

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