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Flat Roof Lights UK Building Regulations – An Overview

Flat roof lights UK wide and their installation, removal or alteration are subject to building regulations, even if planning permission is not required for your project. There are two separate sets of regulations that may apply. The first lays out requirements where work such as fitting a skylight is to be carried out on an existing roof. The second set deals with scenarios where a new roof is to be constructed, perhaps on a house extension. But what is the overall purpose of the regulations? This article offers a brief overview to explain the position if you are considering fitting one or more flat roof skylight to your property.

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Firstly, why is it important that building regulations are in place for flat rooflights UK wide and are complied with? The framework is there to protect both those living or working within, or on the exterior of the building, and other people in the vicinity. There is a legal requirement for any modification to a building or structure to comply with the appropriate building controls, for important health and safety reasons. Adding, altering or removing flat roof lights to an existing building runs the risk of compromising the integrity of the roof by causing unplanned movement.

This is because, where new rooflights are being installed, there is often a need to cut away one or more of the rafters or joists that hold up the roof. The ends left on either side must be provided with support to compensate for this. Equally, neighbouring joists or rafters may need reinforcement as they now carry a greater load. Aside from these vital safety considerations, which protect the integrity of the building’s structure, there are also energy performance requirements. These require flat roof rooflights UK wide to meet standards for insulating against heat loss, which is known as the U-value.

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