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How Much Does a Roof Lantern Cost? Prices Explained


A roof lantern is a superb way to add a lot more natural light to your home or business, but how much does a roof lantern cost, really? In this guide, we’ll take a look at how much you can expect to pay for a roof lantern and the factors that affect the cost.

What Affects the Price of a Roof Lantern?

The final cost of a roof lantern depends on a variety of factors. In this section, we’ll look at some of the most common variables that will change how much you’ll pay.


The type of glass that you choose for your roof lantern can have a substantial impact on the final price. For instance, double or triple glazing your roof lantern requires, as you would expect, two to three times as much glass. If you decide to tint the glass on your roof lantern, this will also affect the price.

Other types of glass, such as self-cleaning glass or acoustic glass, will also add to the cost.

The Size of the Roof Lantern

Roof lanterns are available in a wide range of sizes, and the bigger your roof lantern, the higher the price. Bigger lanterns need more materials and take longer for workers to install.

Optional Extras

If you decide to add any optional extras to your roof lantern, this can also increase the price. For example, you may wish to add an electric opener, if your roof lantern has a vent, to save you the hassle of opening and closing it yourself. 

Labour Costs

If you live or work in a hard-to-reach area, it may cost more to send workers to your property. Similarly, if there are any special requirements or complicating factors, these can also add to labour costs.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for a Roof Lantern?

Now that we’ve covered the various factors that can impact your final price, it’s time to look at the roof lanterns that we offer, as well as their price ranges. Please note that delivery to certain postcodes will add to the price, and this additional price will not be calculated at checkout. Please also note that our roof lanterns are available in bespoke sizes but this may also increase the price. All prices are correct at the time of writing.

Roof Lanterns by Wendland – £458.33 – £2049.04

Wendland roof lanterns add a real sense of space and air to your home or business, thanks to a 20 degree pitch. This roof lantern offers great thermal performance, and is fantastic to look at too, with its superb construction offering a minimalist look that is sure to match any modern property.

Wendland roof lanterns are available with electric opening modules for those who want an even more premium experience. 

Roof Lanterns by Brett Martin – £927.47 – £1972.88

Brett Martin roof lanterns are double-glazed, visually stunning pieces that will make your property the envy of your friends and family. These models are available in sizes ranging from 1500mm x 1000 mm up to 3000 mm x 2000 mm, so finding one that suits your building won’t be an issue.

If you would like to make maintenance a breeze, Breet Martin models are also available with self-cleaning glass, and are very thermally efficient.

Korniche Roof Lanterns – £757.37 – £4453.77

Available in sizes all the way up to 6000mm x 2500 mm, Korniche roof lanterns are a superb choice for those looking for a larger window that’s the last word in security, comfort, and design. 

Featuring beautiful craftsmanship, this roof lantern would look tremendous on any property.

Flat Rooflight – £262 – £5392.20

A flat rooflight is a great way to add more light to rooms without adding too much extra height to your roof. Available with double or triple glazing, these rooflights will let you enjoy beautiful views of the sky without compromising on your building’s thermal efficiency. Made with Argon-filled toughened glass, solar protection and, as an option, self-cleaning glass, these skylights are well worth considering.

Framed Flat Skylights – £365.04 – 3064.65

Available in sizes up to 3000mm x 1800mm, a framed flat skylight offers a small amount of added height to your roof while allowing for maximum light. Boasting exceptional U values and a laminated inner panel to prevent injuries, these are a safe, effective and easy addition to any room in your property.

Opening Rooflights – £579.74 – £2346.30

Opening rooflights are available in both manual and automatic versions, a variety of finishes and with self-cleaning glass, so you’re bound to find one that is right for you. Opening rooflights offer as much light as other models while also allowing for more airflow.

Coxdome Flat Glass Rooflight – £412.68 – £1440.98

The Coxdome flat glass rooflight offer a luxurious approach to rooflight design. They boast surfaces made from uninterrupted glass, meaning that you’ll get every bit of light possible into the room below. The internal pane is laminated for safety, while the outer pane is made from toughened glass. 

These roof lights are available in sizes up to 1350mm x 2350mm, with some even boasting electric openers.

Enjoy Natural Light With a Roof Lantern

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this guide and that it’s answered your questions about buying a roof lantern. If you have more questions about these or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Roof Lantern FAQs 

We understand that when considering purchasing a roof lantern, you’ll have more questions than just ‘how much does a roof lantern cost?’. In this section, we’ll take a look at some other common questions that you might have.

Will I Need Planning Permission for a Roof Light?

Planning permission adds further costs to the equation, and while in some specific cases, one may be required to add a roof lantern, it should not be an issue for homeowners.

What Is the Difference Between a Roof Lantern and a Roof Light?

If you’re shopping around and also considering a roof light, it’s important to know the difference between these two types of windows. A roof light fits at the same height as a roof, while a roof lantern will extend from the roof, adding some height.

Will a Roof Lantern Be Noisy in the Rain?

Memories of camping may make you worry that roof lanterns will be too noisy if it rains, but this is not the case. Thanks to modern glazing technology, sounds from the outside world should be far quieter than was previously possible.

Will I Need Someone to Fit My Roof Lantern?

Some of our roof lantern models come with clip-on features for easy glass fitting, but if you are not a glazer or a roofer, we would recommend that you hire a professional to help you fit a roof lantern.

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