Fixed Flat Rooflights

Fixed Flat Rooflights, Skylights And Roof Windows – Are They All Different?

Fixed flat rooflights, skylights and roof windows all essentially share the same purpose. They are windows set in a roof that allow light to enter the room below. You’ll find all three terms used interchangeably on the internet and elsewhere. But is there any difference and how will you know what you are buying if you opt for one over the other? Technically, flat roof skylight and fixed roof lights are very similar in design. They tend to be individual, fixed units that cannot be opened and closed. They usually incorporate a kerb system or upstand to support the glass and ensure the unit is weatherproof.

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They are also set at a slight angle – usually at a minimum of a 3o pitch – to ensure that rainwater drains off the window, rather than pooling and evaporating to leave unsightly marks. The term ‘roof window’, by contrast, more typically refers to glazed units that are installed flush to the pitch of the roof, with an opener, and usually at a minimum of a 15o pitch. Using this strict definition, therefore, you will not tend to be able to fit a roof window to a flat roof. A roof window, unlike a fixed flat roof light, must be CE marked and must adhere to rigid standards for withstanding the elements.

Luckily, a quality manufacturer and installer will advise you readily on the type of window you need for your own roof requirements. Whether you are looking for a fixed flat roof skylight, a roof light or a roof window, speak to us at Toughened Glass Systems and we’ll talk you through the options. You can see examples of the bespoke products we’ve made and fitted for other clients.

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