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Fixed Roof Lights: Glass, Plastic Or LED?

Fixed roof lights are incredibly popular in today’s world. This is because of the increasing importance that many modern architects place on sunlight within properties. Whilst this is usually done via glazing in the walls of the property – such as windows – many architects are turning towards flat roof skylight. There are several types of skylights available in different materials, including plastic glazing and, more commonly, glass. But a new skylight has come onto the scene – the LED skylight. So, which is better: glazed skylights or LED skylights? We discuss the question in this article.

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Flat Roof Skylights: Glazed Versus LED

Before we get into any direct comparisons, it’s important to understand why so many people seek flat roof lights. With there being a continual movement towards cleaner, greener living and a desire for reducing energy bills, people are looking for additional ways to decrease their water and energy usage. Switching the lights on everyday takes up about 20% of the energy used in commercial settings, and 11% of the energy spent at home. So, a property that is more naturally lit is likely to bring about energy savings during the daytime and help bring light into dark rooms that would otherwise require artificial lighting.

The difference between a fixed glass rooflight and a fixed LED rooflight is that one uses natural light and the other uses artificial light to emulate natural light. The LED roof light does this by making use of a projector to create a white light that recreates the sun’s output across a blue sky. This also recreates the movement of the sun across the sky emulating the changing direction of rays bouncing off objects.

There’s no doubt that LED roof lights can be more energy efficient than having a strip of artificial ceiling lights in place, but they still require powering whenever light is required, day or night. On the other hand, a glazed skylight making use of natural lighting offers you free warmth and sunshine during the day, and well into the evening in the summer. For those looking to reduce their lighting costs, the decision is a no brainer: fixed flat glass rooflights are definitely the best option.

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Glazed Fixed Flat Rooflights: Glass Versus Plastic

So now that we’ve established the benefits of having glazed fixed flat rooflights installed over LED, it’s time to consider the two major glazed materials: glass and plastic. Glass fixed roof lights are undoubtedly the best choice out of the two. There’s no doubting that plastic glazing has some advantages, but even those advantages have drawbacks. Plastic is a cheaper material for glazing, but you are also giving up on years of average life expectancy. Whereas glass fixed rooflights can last for well over 30 years on average, the maximum life expectancy for plastic is anywhere between 20 to 25 years. Not only that, but you get a poor guarantee on any plastic glazing to sort out any defects, compared to glass glazed skylights.

Glass skylights are also easier to clean than plastic options. The former can be easily cleaned by most household cleaners, but the later can be more difficult as most household cleaning agents are likely to cause damage to the plastic. Glass also offers a variety of options and choices such as different coatings and glass types that are suitable for particular purposes. This includes negating against heat loss in the winter, and keeping out heat during the summer. As well as choosing the right material you need to find a manufacturer of high quality glass glazing for skylights that can offer affordable prices. Thankfully, you don’t need to look far to find that. That’s exactly what Toughened Glass Systems can provide.

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Toughened Glass Systems Makes The Best Quality Fixed Roof Lights

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