TGS Skylights – Why Bespoke Is Best

TGS skylights are created with the requirements of the owner and their property in mind, not bought ‘off-the-shelf’ from a restricted menu of options. But why is this important? There are two main reasons. First, a specialist firm will have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the technicalities, such as what type of flat roof skylight with which features is best suited to your roof space. And second, the experts will ensure it is placed and fitted correctly, maximising the available light without compromising the structural integrity of your building. Read on to find out more about why bespoke is best.

Why Expert Services Are Required For Choosing And Fitting A Flat Roof Skylight

The design and installation of flat roof skylight windows is not a job for an amateur, nor can you expect any standard double-glazing firm to necessarily have the right skills and experience to fit rooflights in your home. After all, the roof is one of the key parts of a building’s design, affecting its security, the strength of the building to resist environmental conditions, and water tightness to name but a few.

Place the job in the hands of amateurs or non-specialists, therefore, and you’re taking a risk. Standard glazing firms may not be able to offer you the range of options you need to make the most of any rooflight either. Perhaps you would like an opening window, tripe-glazed with self-cleaning glass, that can be walked upon during maintenance and protects the occupants and objects within against UV rays?

A specialist firm like the one supplying TGS skylights is far better placed to meet your specifications exactly than a company that doesn’t have that dedicated expertise.

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How Fixed Roof Windows Skylights Introduce Architectural Lighting Into Your Room Design

Much is made of a skylight being a superb way to allow natural light into your home and of course, that is true. But it’s only part of the story. A flat roof extension with skylight, for instance, can be used to enhance architectural features of design within a space, and the effect created by a rooflight can be altered depending on the positioning of the window in the roof.

Do you want clean, white natural light to flood the building all day long, or is the effect you’re after to capture differing lights at different parts of the day, maximising the dramatic effect of morning or evening skies?

Fixed roof windows skylights can even be used as a form of sundial, allowing the building occupants to judge the time of day by where the sun falls into the room and the shadows created. If you want your rooflights to introduce architectural lighting into your home or workplace, seek expert guidance.

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TGS Skylights From Toughened Glass Systems Are Tailored To You And Your Property

Expertise is exactly what you’ll find if you consult our team at Toughened Glass Systems. We work with architects, designers, building owners, and domestic customers to supply TGS skylights that are practical and functional, performing as they should without compromising the integrity of your flat or pitched roof. The windows we design are also beautiful and can be tailored precisely to your needs, regardless of whether that’s an opening or ventilated window, your choice of glass, or whether you require our help for fitting. To discover more, view our website at and then call us on 020 3633 3224