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Roof Maker And Other Skylight Experts Have The Edge Over The Competition

Roof Maker is a specialist designer, manufacturer, and installer of roof lights in the UK and worldwide. Other companies, such as Toughened Glass Systems, also focus their attention and efforts on creating, selling, and fitting products such as roof lights and skylights of various types. If you are a homeowner looking for a flat roof skylight for any space in your property, or you’re an architect or designer seeking to incorporate roof lights in your project, you can do no better than to turn to a specialist seller of these features. Rather than settle for less than the best from a company that simply supplies any kind of window, it’s preferable when it comes to roof lights to seek out a company that has specific expertise. But why?

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Why Look For A Specialist Manufacturer Of Roof Lights For Your Project?

When you’re considering making major alterations to your home, or designing a project house to sell onto others, it’s critical you don’t settle for anything less than the best. You don’t want a shoddy job to be carried out – this will only backfire in the future. Having roof lights installed is no exception. Roof lights are generally located in the property’s roof, whether that’s a pitched or a flat roof, and poor workmanship or improper construction of a skylight is going to compromise the integrity of that.

That can result in leaks or damage to the rafters, which may not only cause problems with internal decoration, for instance, but could even affect the stability of the roof itself. It’s critical that you select sloping or flat roof lights from a company that has the experience and expertise needed to design the windows properly in the first place. But it is also important that they can fit them correctly, so they do not cause damage to your home. So how do you evaluate whether a company like Roof Maker or TGS has the right reputation before you buy?

Here, we’ll look at some of the indicators of quality you should look for. Firstly, establish whether the company you are considering is involved in the design and manufacture, as well as the installation, of the roof lights it sells. You’ll generally find that the best skylight companies do all three. They will be well aware of the potential pitfalls of skylights and will have addressed these through innovations in design and the materials they use in manufacture.

Look For Firm Evidence Of Performance Claims For Their Rooflights For Flat Roofs

Inevitably, every company has a sales pitch, and this is no less true for companies that sell rooflights for flat roofs than any other product. The performance of your roof lights is vital to them not only enhancing your home visually but also keeping the roof watertight and aspects such as offering good energy performance and so on. When you are calculating the advantages of one roof skylight over another, ask sellers whether they can provide detailed information on the performance of their products. Can they say specifically what benefits each roof light has, rather than just offering generic claims that can’t be substantiated by facts? Another good measure of the confidence the company has in their own products is what kinds of guarantees and warranties they offer once the skylight is in place.

Toughened Glass Systems, for instance, offer a five-year warranty on bespoke conservation rooflights and other roof lights they manufacture, supply, and fit. This helps guarantee the quality of the design and workmanship, and reassures you that you will not suffer any water accumulation or mould build up, for example, over the longer term once your product is in place. You should be looking for promises such as this so that you have some come-back if the skylight proves to be problematic in future. Also ask about the U-value of the roof light – this is an effective measure of its energy performance and a supplier that cannot state this categorically should be avoided. Also worth noting is that the U-value should apply to the whole roof, rather than just the glass, to comply with Building Regulations.

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Are There Any Other Factors To Check For When Buying Fixed Roof Lights?

You may be having roof lights installed with the intention of them being able to be walked on, for example if the roof lights are to be on a terrace rather than a flat roof with no access. If so, then it’s important to ask your supplier for evidence of the strength of the glass. As a guide, the industry standard for walk-on glass is to be able to withstand a specific load when uniformly distributed (known as the UDL), and a specific load when the force is concentrated in one area. If your supplier cannot guide you when quoting for fixed roof lights for your property, be wary about making a purchase. Generally, look for evidence that the company’s products comply with standards such as the BSI kitemark for performance and BSEN 12150 to show that the products the company sells comply with industry-relevant quality standards.

Finally, whether you are looking at Roof Maker or Roofglaze products, or skylights for any other supplier, always check testimonials from previous customers. Good reviews are not, by themselves, necessarily indicative of high levels of quality. However, when they are backed up by the data mentioned above, and they’re positive about the customers’ experience with the suppliers, they can give a great indication of how you will be treated by the company in question. Roof lights are by no means cheap, but by being informed and doing your research beforehand, you will find that your investment will pay off over the longer term. One company that supplies quality as standard is Toughened Glass Systems.

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From Roof Maker To Toughened Glass Systems, Expect No Less Than The Best When You Invest In Skylights

Whether you’re considering walk on rooflights or a fixed skylight for a flat roof, never compromise on quality; be convinced that the company you are purchasing from knows its business inside-out and sells products that will enhance your home rather than cause you problems. Always purchase from specialist sellers of roof lights, like Roof Maker or Toughened Glass Systems, both of which have an impressive reputation in the industry for quality products at the best prices. Our skylights are bespoke to each customer’s requirements, meaning you can be certain they will be an asset rather than a liability. To speak to our team at Toughened Glass Systems about why we have confidence in the products we sell, call us on 020 3633 3224 or contact us via the form on our website at